Comment Policy

I have always appreciated the conversation that takes place in the comments sections on Love, Joy, Feminism, and I am proud of the community that has grown up here. I do ask that commenters follow some basic rules.

1. No personal insults. Attack arguments rather than people. In other words, rather than saying “you racist asshole” you should say “what you are saying is racist.” Avoid needless vulgarity and intentionally provocative or inflammatory statements.

2. Engage other commenters in good faith. No trolling (i.e., saying things just to get a rise out of people) and no proselytizing (i.e., preaching at others rather than being willing to listen in return). Being in good faith includes making an effort to understand others and their arguments.

3. No racist, classist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, agist, childist, ableist, fatphobic, or transphobic slurs. A commenter is permitted to express an opinion others might find sexist or homophobic, etc., provided it does not violate rules #1 or #2.  Expression that becomes abusive will result in a warning, and, ultimately, lead to banning.

4. This is not a public forum. It is my personal blog. I’m not obligated to give anyone a platform in my comments sections and don’t need an excuse to ban someone from commenting here. If you use my comment sections to question how I run my comment sections, I will ban you.

5. I blog under a pseudonym and would prefer to maintain my pseudonymity. Any speculation about my non-pseudonymous identity is prohibited. Speculation about the non-pseudonymous identity of any commenter using a pseudonym is also prohibited.

6. I am very busy and have many other responsibilities. I generally do not personally engage in the comments on my blog, though there are exceptions. I am not obligated to respond personally to your comment even if you call me out and demand an answer.