Why Your Period Is Sacred

Why Your Period Is Sacred May 17, 2016

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If you’re a woman, you know you’re wired differently during menstruation. And I’m not talking about the stereotype of the hysterical lunatic that’s permeated through pop culture. No. I’m talking about the vast fields of grace you have access to during your period.

When your body cleans house every month you have the unique, universal opportunity to retreat into your inner knowing. Dwell in the silence of this divine guidance. Sense the subtle forces you can tap into effortlessly during this special time.

Just as monks withdraw behind the sacred walls of temples in the highlands of nature, so can you, too, make the pilgrimage within. What you’ll find, I don’t know. It’s not mine to determine. But I can share from personal experience that if you take the time to honor the stillness that springs forth from within during menstruation you’ll sink deeper into yourself. You’ll discover layers of your being you did not know of before. You’ll contemplate the nature of being because you carry the universe within you. You’ll anchor into the depth of the cosmos that’s levitating in your essence.

If us women, globally, had the guts to cherish our periods and the spiritual gifts they bear, this world would be quite different. I know that Western culture doesn’t approve of the idea to pause and reflect. But we need to do it anyway.

Begin within. This month.

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