Dangerous Words

This blog is not to give you more spiritual information.

It is the humble intention of this of this blog to give you a transmission which will effect a shift in your consciousness. This shift will bloom your life. This shift will bring gifts to your life and make you a gift to the life of all that is.

You can keep your distance and read from a safe place. Or you can say. I am here. I am ready to undergo a momentous leap in my own personal evolution. I am ready to engage the work of self creation and transformation of identity. I am ready to leave my small self behind. I am ready to recognize my true self, incarnate  my unique self and live as God’s verb.

This blog is about you. This blog speaks dangerous words. Dangerous to your your sense that you are small; dangerous to you feeling that you are alone and invisible; dangerous to your belief you are worthless, inadequate or bad.
Dangerous to your belief that you are too much or not enough.

I come to speak to you dangerous words. I ask only that you listen dangerously.

Not everyone is ready. Not everyone has the capacity to make this evolutionary leap at this time.  But you are ready. I know this because you are reading this blog. This is your time. It is time for you to wake up. I know you cannot do all at once. But even a glimmering of the light is enough to initiate the glorious and gorgeous process of your awakening.

The first video below begins the invitation. The invitation to the democratization of  enlightenment which is the change that changes everything, in you, and in the world.



"Interesting look, thanks Doc!"

Three Images of World Spirituality

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