Must Read Article: “What it is like to grow up in Hezbollah culture”

Enlightening, eye-opening, and extremely moving writing. Published in the superb blog, Between a Veil and a Dark Place, it’s called “What it is like to grow up in Hezbollah culture“. It’s a long article, but it’s worth your time, it’s also very hard to read at times but it’s worth your emotional investment too. You [Read More...]

The Ideology, the Believer, the Society, and the Text

The response to some of my earlier posts about Islam pointed out that there is some essentialism in my articles, and that I should simply say that Islam is “practiced” this way, or Muslims “believe” it this way, and to me all of this doesn’t necessarily point to a disagreement about Islam but a more [Read More...]

Female Soccer Players Can Be Suspended for “Masculine” Behavior + Quality of Education and Religion in Iran

These are two posts from BBC Persian, the first dealing with Iranian female soccer players and the second with the negative way way religion affects education in Iran. The reports are of course in Persian, so here I present to you an English summary, as I find these issues worth reporting. [Read more...]

So in Case You Were Wondering about the Names

What the hell On the Margin of Error is supposed to even mean? And do I have a reason for choosing Kaveh Mousavi as my pseudonym? Do these questions trouble your mind and haunt your dreams since this blog started yesterday? What, no? OK then, I guess I’ll go ahead and answer them anyway. [Read more...]

Is Islam a More Radical Religion? Part 2

Introduction: I am very excited and happy to be posting on Freethought Blogs, it is an honor and a great privilege. I want to thank everyone for providing this opportunity for me.   “There is no Islam except political Islam.” – Ruhollah Khomeini This is a sequel to what I wrote previously and had appeared [Read More...]