How Can Christian Parents Help Their Kids Grow Spiritually This Year?


Christianity is all about what is new.

When we become a Christian, we get a new Lord named Jesus, a new Father named God, and a new power through the Holy Spirit. We also get a new nature with new desires, a new eternity in heaven instead of hell, and a new family called the church.

Every new year, people in and out of the church become very interested in new beginnings and new healthy habits made possible by New Year’s resolutions.

If you are a parent (or grandparent, or caregiver), today is a great day to put in place some goals and habits to help the child in your life grow spiritually this year. Do they need an age appropriate Bible? Are they reading that Bible, or are you reading it with them? Are you praying for the child? Are you praying with the child? Are you worshipping God with the child as part of a healthy local Bible teaching Jesus loving church?

What things were good for the spiritual growth of the child last year that you want to continue? What things were not good for the spiritual growth of the child last year that you want to discontinue?

These are the kinds of questions that we have to continually ask. Every child is different, and every year is different. Kids change, their needs change, and we need to make changes if we want to be most loving and helpful to them.

My wife Grace and I have five children—three boys and two girls—who are all thankfully walking with Jesus and serving at our church. While teaching a series called Parenting on Point at our church, Grace and I took questions and did our best to provide impromptu answers. One of the questions we received was, “How can Christian parents help their kids grow spiritually this year?”. This is a very common question that parents and grandparents often wrestle with. My wife and I did our best to provide some practical and biblical advice that we hope is helpful in this video.

Lastly, if you have a question I might be able to answer in a future Ask Pastor Mark video clip, send it in to If your question is chosen, we hope to be helpful to you and the many other people who are likely wrestling with the same question that you are.

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