Woman Says Hobby Lobby’s Cotton Display is Offensive But People Don’t Let Her Get Away With It

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So this happened.  A woman in Texas went shopping at her local Hobby Lobby and got offended — shocked! — at some of the decor they were selling.  Cotton:

Of course, this comes after some black Nashville students complained after being invited to the President of David Lipscomb University’s home and seeing a centerpiece made of cotton stalks.  Notwithstanding the fact that Lipscomb President Randy Lowry actually apologized, normal Americans believe this line of complaint is just plain dumb.

Here are some of the hilarious comments that have accrued under the Texas lady’s petulant post:

“I’m black and I picked cotton. I’m only 27 but I did it with a John Deere 9930 [sic] cotton picker. I assure you I’m not offended,” user Keith Durrian Davis Jr. wrote.

“As a black woman, I am not offended. There is beauty from ashes. I will not allow (raw) cotton or statues for that matter, have any type of effect, especially a negative one, on my life. If you give it that kind of power then you are part of the problem,” Mikka DeVelle Arrington commented.

“Yeah I know how you feel. Being part Irish, I walked past a bag of potatoes at the grocery store and it totally triggered me. My ancestors are Irish. I had to go home and cry. Why would they sell potatoes knowing the history behind it? So unfair and HEARTLESS,” Amanda Parker wrote.

“You’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! I was raised in West Texas and have cotton farmers on both sides of my family!! This woman hasn’t a clue what she is talking about!” Michelle Horton wrote. “Cotton is beautiful…..in your profile are you wearing a t-shirt made from cotton or a cotton blend??? Hmmm thank a farmer and others who assist in growing and harvesting cotton! #seriouslygrowup”

No word on whether the lady was actually wearing cotton when this injustice happened.

And speaking of which, on the fantastic movie “The Incredibles,” there’s a poignant scene when Syndrome reveals his plan to make everyone super.  He taunts Mr. Incredible, whom he’s bound, and declares, “When everyone’s super, no one is!”

Watch that scene below:

How true.  Similarly, the word “racist” has to have a definition that means something.  When liberals say that every single thing is racist, it means that they lack the vocabulary to describe actual racism if they ever encountered it.

America, let’s try to grow up.

Hat Tip: Fox News

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  • Ferd

    Be on the lookout for the polyester pansies!

    • “Yeah I know how you feel. Being part Irish, I walked past a bag of potatoes at the grocery store and it totally triggered me. My ancestors are Irish. I had to go home and cry

  • Brontefan

    What a load of excrement! This woman wants publicity… and she’s really wacko. Nothing about the cotton plant represents anything specific unless you want to make it so. I’m old but I am very sick and tired of the people who want to make everything political and/or racist.