Best. Conspiracy. Ever!


I lack the faith to believe in anti-Christian accounts of the origins of Christianity. And I totally lack the massive faith it requires to be an atheist. The sort of concentration of will it requires to block out the blandishments of reality and common sense are too exhausting for me.

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  • Hermann

    “You really must stop drinking out of lead cups”

    Good thing I have bothing in my mouth! Saved my keyboard.


  • Noah D

    I remember something like this being posted at…John Wright’s Livejournal, a few years ago. Well, not the humorous satire, but the arguement that Christianity was/is a conspiracy. The best part was that it was a conspiracy by Paul, a JEW!, to bring the Righteous Pagan Roman Europeans to heel, and weaken their Righteous Pagan Roman European civilization by wussifying it with all that mercy and humility and stuff, so the JEWS! could take over. Secretly. Or something.

    No, I didn’t understand it, either.

  • Noah D

    Hm. It was a commenter at John Wright’s place, not Mr. Wright saying that. I realized that my statement might not have been clear about that.

  • MarylandBill

    The arguments made by those who claim Christ never existed frankly boggle the mind in how incredulous one has to be to believe them. From an purely intellectual level, I find it hard to believe, but possible that a reasonable person would believe that the Apostles somehow, in their grief, imagined that Jesus really rose again. I see absolutely no way a reasonable person would look at the well documented history of the very early church and draw the conclusion that the guy they claimed to be following was in fact entirely made up by them.

    In my heart of course, I know that Jesus was real, and that he in fact rose from the Dead and is God.

    • You mean credulous, not incredulous.

      • But maybe incredulous in the sense of disbelieving in the gospels.

  • Sal

    have to admit that during Fr.s Easter homily, when he mentioned the likelihood of a band of itinerant Jews stealing a body from trained professional soldiers, Pullo and Vorenus in full armor* flashed through my mind.

    *From back before I swore off HBO, mind.

  • I love Lutheran satire, expect when he goes off the rails about the Catholic Church.

  • Ted Seeber

    I hate this website for making cartoons out of text files. I don’t find it very convincing ever.

  • honeybee

    Lutheran Satire is one of my favorite sites! I just wish Pastor Fiene would post more.

  • shieldsheafson

    It is incredible that Jesus Christ should have risen in the flesh and ascended with flesh into heaven;

    It is incredible that the world should have believed so incredible a thing;

    It is incredible that a very few men, of mean birth and the lowest rank, and no education, should have been able so effectually to persuade the world, and even its learned men, of so incredible a thing.

    Of these three incredibles, the parties with whom we are debating refuse to believe the first;

    they cannot refuse to see the second ………..

    …………. which they are unable to account for if they do not believe the third.

    Augustine, City of God XXII. 5