God and the Machine…

…is a fellow member of the Leah Libresco Fan Club and laments the overwhelming number of Napoleon Dynamites with a mean streak who are the Face of Internet Atheism.

I would be curious to hear Leah’s take. As a Catholic, I sometimes get, well, bored listening to the umpteenth argument about some neuralgic topic like “You can’t read the Bible without Sacred Tradition” (and I agree with that and wrote a whole book on it). I get even more bored with hearing Catholics saying things that ain’t so (“You must believe and profess your faith in Our Lady of Medjugorje!” or “No True Catholic opposes the death penalty!”). So I sometimes wonder how stupefyingly boring it must get for a really sharp mind like Leah’s to have to endure the same cramped round of bad reasoning, bad faith, and anti-social behavior from her compatriots on the atheist community. Does she ever get sick of it and toy with the idea of throwing cautioin to the winds and becoming a nun just to make the A******s for Atheism freak out as I sometime toy with posting a Youtube of some dreadful choir singing the horrible “Anthem” just to make my Rad Trad critics faint and awaken confirmed in their conviction that I am secretly a pro-abortion, Obama loving, Spirit of Vatican II, liturgical dancing, Gaia worshipping flake?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  • When I start to feel this way I step outside and interact with the real world instead of the Internet. 🙂

  • Lauran

    I wonder if Jesus Himself has to laugh at these clowns sometimes.

  • Ted Seeber

    Funny, when researching logical fallacy, I ran across an article on this topic, and just had to blog about why you are always wrong (and I am too, and everybody else in Internet Land is). Warning- overly materialistic evolution based explanation in the original article, but that makes their 5 points about humans debating on the internet no less true.


  • “I am secretly a pro-abortion, Obama loving, Spirit of Vatican II, liturgical dancing, Gaia worshipping flake!” — Mark Shea

    Ha ha ha! Oh, the fun of taking quotes out of context! 😉

  • When I first came back strongly to my catholic faith I spent about a year reading everything I could on catholic apologetics (including ‘By Whar Authority’, thanks by the way!) After a while I started to feel that I already had all the pet answers to all the typical questions and got sick of the internet discussions. I was hoping that the search for truth didn’t just boil down to the arguements that could be learnt in a few months. Took me a while to discover how to put myself at the school of reality and seek the truth more deeply, as a life long vocation. My vocation is wisdom!

  • Post Script: I was once in a liturgical dance, it still makes me shrivel up a little bit inside when I think of it!!

  • leahlibresco

    Thanks for pinging me on this Mark! I’ve got a reply up on why I’ve been so relatively lucky in my combox (a bit of math geekery seems to confuse the trolls, among other things): http://www.patheos.com/blogs/unequallyyoked/2012/04/this-doesnt-look-like-a-victory-to-me.html