Here in the Soviet of Washington…

the Seattle Times does what it can to gin up the mob into an anti-Catholic frenzy of wahoos ready, willing and able to thwack the Church for punching the state in the fist with her nose and slamming her groin into the state’s knee.

Is there anything more courageous than a newspaper willing to bravely face the applause of fellow blue state Know Nothings for an anti-Catholic screed?

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  • Ted Seeber

    Down here in the People’s Republic Of Oregon, I think we’re soon to start seeing a similar petition over state tax money going to pay for 3000 abortions per year for poor women. Anyway, I hope we do.

  • KML

    :::sigh:: Prayers and more prayers. I have found myself more and more drawn into conversations that, frankly, I’d rather not be having. But they are continually put in my path, I can only imagine, for a good reason and if I am being called to respond with the truth in love, I can only pray that I have the courage and clear-mindedness to do so.

  • Patrick

    Funny line:

    “The whole thing is very disturbing, to many of us,” counters Barbara Guzzo, 62, a Seattle Catholic who has formed a group to oppose her own church’s signature-gathering effort. “There’s a zealousness to it that just doesn’t seem very Catholic.”

    Haha. “No, no – we don’t do *zeal* – we’re Catholics. You want zeal, join the Baptist church.” And here she is gathering sigs against it, haha. I thought that was a scream.