I’ll be on the Catholics Next Door…

with Greg and Jennifer Willits, today at 11:20 AM PDT.

You can stream it from here.

We’ll be talking about The Heart of Catholic Prayer, my new book on the Our Father and the Hail Mary which all your friends and loved ones need and all the cool kids are reading, so you need to get your signed copy from me right now.

Had a delightfully geeky conversation with Leah Libresco last week
Pope’s Sex Abuse Commission Alarmed by Chilean Bishop Appt.
“Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern…
Divine Mercy Chaplet CD
  • Margaret

    I managed to catch some of it– you were a tad hard to understand at times due to the staticy phone connection, but your points were well made. I especially liked Greg’s suggestion of the drinking game…