The Christians in this story…

put me to shame.

This inspires me to decrease the suck and increase the awesome in my life. My apologies for so often responding with rancor and not love to people. It’s been a subject of prayer of late and I’m trying to make changes. Your prayers are appreciated.

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  • I will pray God will make youore the man He wants you to be. I have a feeling all the fire and wit in your writing will remain, even if it transformed.

  • Thomas R

    I’ll try to remember to add you to my prayers as well and I’m sorry for the times I was rancorous to you.

  • Awesome story.
    And prayer is a good idea. You’re in my prayers, Mark. We could all be more transformed in Christ.

  • Did anyone read to the end of the story?

    • Yes…but I say short help is better than no help at this point. Let him break open the Word more and you may read he may change his mind about that choice as well.

  • I appreciate what you do Mark and will be praying! I was reminded by my sister recently, and rightfully so, that I too should increase the awesome…

  • Ron

    Mark I will certainly pray for you. Please do the same for me as I struggle with the same thing. This story is a very humbling one. God bless you!!

  • Sean O

    Nice story, but it seems a bit off. All that transformation in 60 days – active atheist seeking removal of cresch – turned believing Christian – considering ministry. A busy 2 months, hopefully all works out well.

  • You’re an angry man. I can feel your hate (Kidding). What you may type “aloud” many of us are thinking inside. We all need prayers in this area.

  • There seems to be some doubt about the permanency of his conversion, cf.

    • ds

      Mark, you can go back to being an angry SOB now.
      As for me, I hate myself and I think everything sucks so I’ll be glad to have you back.

  • Ted Seeber

    Here’s something *definite* you can do about that prayer- or at least, you can if you can find a council as good as the one I just left and the one that I am trying to start:

    We do acts like the *Christians* in this story every day. And we do it not because the recipients are Catholic, but because WE are Catholic.

    Ted Seeber
    Proud Grand Knight of John Clare Council #15485, chartered April 16, 2012.