The War on Parking!!!

A reader writes:

Long-time reader, second-time emailer here. I’m not asking you to post the following on your blog (though if you want to, I don’t object). I just need to vent, I can’t do so on Facebook (because of the monumental time-suck that would result), and I know that you’ll appreciate it. Here goes:

Lots of my acquaintances are atheistic secular liberals. I earned a doctorate in philosophy at a state university, so that’s not shocking. Lots of those secular liberals are also up in arms over the so-called war on women. Also not shocking. One of those secular liberals just posted this comment on his Facebook page, about a wholly different issue (in your hometown, actually; maybe this is blogable for you after all):

“The mayor just said that the city shouldn’t mandate parking, don’t write an article like he said that it shouldn’t be allowed, Seattle Times. Determining how many parking spaces should be attached to a new apartment building is something that the free market will be really good at, I promise. Link to dumb editorial follows, don’t read it, I don’t know why I’m linking it, ok thanks for tuning in.”

Don’t mandate is not the same thing as don’t allow, he says. Blast these liberals and their incessant war on parking!

The end.

Amazing how ideology can blind.

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  • Fr Bill

    We don’t have this problem in rural Nevada. We are concerned about other things, such as the price of ammo.