A message from a member of Generation Narcissus to These Darn Kids Today

As one of those to whom All History was Leading and after whom nothing really important will happen, it seems to me you haven’t suffered the way my generation did. Therefore, to try to give you a taste of what we endured, I offer this:

Younger generation: You may commence pitying us. And don’t forget to thank us for discovering such things as conscience, peace, sex, and affluence. It’s so sad that our parents, so self-absorbed with their boring stories about enduring the Great Depression, fighting WWII, defeating Communism, and making a safe and comfortable life for us, never understood how wonderful we truly are. And now our children and grand-children talk about us the same way! How do you think that makes us *feel*–after having had to endure TV like this? What about *us*? What about *our needs*? Let’s keep the focus where it belongs, everybody!

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  • Sadly, I actually remember liking this show. But then, I was 4.

    • Christopher Burd

      The consensus in my family was that is was terrible, terrible show. But we watched every episode (not many, I recall).

  • Faith

    I remember my dad would get so irritated with hearing news about the ‘sexual revolution’ back in the 1970s, etc. He’d throw down the newspaper or magazine he’d happen to be reading and say with disgust, “This new generation thinks it is the first to discover sex. How the hell do they think they got here!”

    It was a good lesson in skepticism when it came to maneuvering through those trendy social minefields while growing up.

  • Now let’s give credit where credit’s due. Gen Narcissus *did* turn conjugal love from something that a married man and a married woman (husband and wife to you Millenials) did to start a family into a *right* and a recreational activity…..well…they mainstreamed it more than even the ancient Romans did and probably even they exaggerated that too….

    Question: how is it that the grownups from Gen Narcissus didn’t end up running the country, education system, etc., and that we ended up with the current crop of crazies?

  • Ravioli

    This amused me to no end! My husband and I are products of Gen Narcissus (both sets of parents divorced multiple times; our children have a swarm of feuding grandparents like kids would normally have various aunts and uncles; I’m fixin’ to send out 9 mother’s day cards – it gets hectic!) and I am currently so stressed out by conversations about financial problems and unending requests for handouts, etc. E.g., Able-bodied in-laws that don’t feel the need to work (b/c they already “did that”) and are crying over lack of health insurance and the government not helping them out enough. Sorry to vent! I’m not evil – I’m trying to find the truly charitable way to deal with all of this (you know, taking care of family members nonjudgementally out of love vs. enabling and encouraging a lifestyle of selfishness/laziness/zero consequences).

  • John C

    I loved Mr. Ed when I was a kid, but when “My Mother, The Car” came out, I think I realized for the first time that television could be really stupid. Of course, nowadays TV is almost totally stupid.

  • Linebyline

    Generation Narcissus? Wait, that’s my generation, too. And my parents’. And, well, pretty much every generation from Adam and Eve on down.

    Concupiscence is a $%^#, ain’t it?

    Also: I have no words for that TV show, save maybe, “Someone please tell me that’s a parody of something.”