Fisking King David

As the Combox Inquisition goes to work to diagnose and condemn the soul of a good and holy man of whom they know nothing, I offer this little tribute to Combox Inquisitors everywhere.

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  • “As the Combox Inquisition goes to work to diagnose and condemn the soul of a good and holy man of whom they know nothing”

    Question mark.

    • Mark Shea

      I’m hearing from various people who have Perry Lorenzo pegged as a scandalous sinner and me on my way to hell for not sitting in judgment of… well, they know not what since they don’t know anything about him. But they’re still sure.

      Combox Inquisitors: is there anything they don’t know?

  • CJ


    I was troubled by your post about Lorenzo, but I don’t consider myself an inquisitor. What bothered me was that your emphatic “Not. My. Business.” about Perry’s sins was contained in a post saying that you considered him a saint. Saints are examples of holiness that the faithful can emulate. So Lorenzo shouldn’t be held up as a saint if (I say again if) he was in a gravely sinful relationship and unrepentant about it. I don’t know if he was, but by your own admission, neither do you. It seems to me that “Not. My. Business.” works both ways. If you think he’s a saint, get the church involved and let her inquire into the things that are Not. Your. Business., especially in cases where there are some not insubstantial questions about the person’s public conduct.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Mark wasn’t campaigning for canonization; he was commenting on the things about the man that he knew. I consider my grandmother a saint (knowing nothing about her salvation) because I knew her to be a good Christian woman to be emulated. I’m also sure she wasn’t sinless, but I don’t have to go digging into her life just to find things wrong with her before I consider her someone to be admired and emulated.

      Do you know what a saint is?

      • CJ

        Yes, and I’m aware that saints aren’t sinless. If they were, the Theotokos and holy angels would be the only ones.

        The combox discussion raised credible questions about Lorenzo’s public statements and behavior. And not to put too fine a point on it, it relates to a particular sin that’s not worse than any other mortal sin, but is one that’s being used to bludgeon the church right now. In that particular circumstance I think it would be more prudent to dial it back a little and say something like “his unique witness to Christ in a hotbed of post-Christianity is something we can all learn from” and pray for him as we would any of the reposed.

        • Mark Shea

          Since there were no public statements or behavior regarding homosexual acts (which is why I said I had no idea if he was celibate or not) why were there questions?

          • ivan_the_mad

            Because we like to make snap judgements out of emotion in spite of what available evidence permits. Since we’ve completelely junked dialectic as part of education (cf. D. Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning”), arguments from ignorance are increasingly common, i.e. “Because there’s no evidence that X is the case, not X must be the case”.
            Just think of what the combox inquisitors might have said on a thirteenth century blog concerning the relationship of Francis and Clare. “Well, we know they were close, and they loved each other, and we don’t have any facts denying a physical relationship …”. If any finds the analogy distasteful, let them consider the calumny visited on a dead man.

  • Obpoet

    The translation is woeful. RSV please, RSV.