Hope and Change!

It’s a complete mystery to me why any Lefty with an ounce of self-respect left does not vote third party.

If you are a Lefty Obama supporter and are not yet conversant in reasons to feel burning shame for prostituting your alleged “liberal values” for this man, you need to go an read one of the very few honest Lefties, Glenn Greenwald. He will abundantly document for you the immense damage Obama is doing, not just to the United States, but to the last shreds of honor left to the Thing That Used to be Liberalism.

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  • They vote for him for one reason: abortion. It’s all they care about.

    • Ted Seeber

      Sometimes when you’re too extreme, the middle of the stream looks to be the opposite bank.

  • MarylandBill

    I am not sure abortion is the only reason, there is also same-sex marriage and Obama care.

    Of course, in fairness to the voters so far, when they voted for him, he promised to end America’s foreign wars. Those who vote for him this time though should be asking themselves very hard questions.

  • I like to share this list with dems or anyone really…
    Obama’s first term is basically Bush’s third term with a few exceptions like government healthcare and more abortion.
    – Bush tax cuts extended
    – Patriot act extended
    – No child left behind continued
    – Corporate bailouts continued
    – Fiscal irresponsibility continued and is worse
    – Polarization of the country continued and is worse
    – Iraq war continued in a way Bush would be proud of
    – Military surge in Afghanistan Bush would be proud of
    – Massive military attack in the Middle East with no strategy (Libya)
    – Military option “on the table” for Iran
    – Gitmo Terror prison continued

  • Richard Johnson

    There is truly only one political party in DC these days, that being the Corporate Party. All you need to see to understand this is the giving patterns of those corporations that Mark mentions in his post on corporate consolidations.

    Liberals and conservatives alike need to wake up to this fact before it becomes illegal to openly oppose the corporate masters.

  • Scott E

    The Lefty’s did vote third party in 2000. Enough of them voted for Nader that it cost Democrats at least Florida, and with it the White House. That’s the problem with a viable third party. Nobody other than a candidate from one of the two parties is going to win, but somone is going to lose votes. Democrats learned a valuable lesson in that election which I doubt if they are eagar to repeat.

    • MarylandBill

      I think is one of the key flaws in the way we choose a president (and indeed choose members of congress, though that is less of an immediate concern). Since most states assign all electoral votes to the winner of a given state, and the winner doesn’t even need to get a majority, just a plurality of votes, it makes three party contests very unlikely. Usually the few really serious attempts to get a third party started (and I don’t consider Perot and Nader to be serious examples) have been times when one or the other political parties was extremely divided (Democrats versus Dixiecrats, Republicans versus Bull Moose) or had essentially collapsed (Whigs and Republicans).

  • Andy

    I am not sure that Obama is a liberal. I look at liberalism as an ideal that is based on a social contract. A contract that puts people first, and not corporations, a contract that recognizes the uniqueness of each person and group and celebrates that. I think that deep down Obama is a conservative; a strange one at best, but he seems to fit that mold to my way of thinking better than he does that of a liberal. His actions thus far including the Health Care thing have been extensions of conservative thought and offerings from past years. I think that you do liberals a wrong by lumping Obama into their camp.
    I am also not sure that all liberals care about is abortion – my three children are as liberal as all hell and all three of them are proudly pro-life — anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, anti- new wars (and the old one), see that we need to reach children an families in need. Just my thoughts at lunch and before I grade final exams.

  • Chris

    Scott, that “valuable lesson” is “prostitute your principles in the name of winning”.

    The thing people who adhere to the 2 party religion can’t seem to grasp is that you don’t actually win if your party doesn’t support anything they supposedly got elected for.

    The point is that there is no reason to vote for a major party if neither one will do anything substantially different…

    • Scott E

      True, if you truly think that both parties are equally evil, and that there is in no way, shape, or form a “lesser evil”, then voting third party makes sense. If, however, you think that one party or candidate is even slightly less evil than the other, your vote for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning is one less vote that the “greater evil” candidate has to come up with to win.