Obama Aborts Chen Guangcheng

Despicable President betrays hero.

Fortunately, it’s just a prolifer who had backward ideas about objecting to forced sterilizations and the one child policy, which our genius Vice President has no problem with, so no harm done.

And the Left won’t say a word.

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  • Mike in KC, MO

    Well, we can’t have him mucking up the upcoming economic talks, now can we? I mean REALLY Mr. Shea, don’t you know what’s truly important? /sarcasm

  • Oh no. This is absolutely despicable. I’m left speechless. As anti Obama as I am, this even surprises me.

    • Noah D

      After iPod Diplomacy, nothing surprises me.

  • Esther

    Especially the Catholic Left…Tom Reese….The Commonweal Crowd….

  • Noah D

    …and the Republicans are the ones waging a ‘war on women’.

    This reminds me of something Ann Coulter said around 2002-3 (I know, but it’s germane, and stopped clocks and all): “Here the country had finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism and they don’t want to fight it. They would have, except it would put them on the same side as the United States.”

    • S. Murphy

      Ha! That’s hilarious! No comment on truth or rhetorical value, but just for composition, it’s too darn funny.

  • B.E. Ward


    I was listening to NPR on a drive the other day and they brought up Guangcheng on All Things Considered. The guest was the head of China affairs for Human Rights Watch (as opposed to ‘Human Rights’ Campaign). She glossed over the whole forced-abortion part to a sparkling shine. She didn’t say one thing about China’s policies, and even called them their ‘family planning policies’ or something less-than-horrifying like that. At that point, I knew this guy had no prayer of getting any real help from us.

    Ironically, he might have had a better result had he gone to the British, German, or Australian embassy.

    In the bigger picture, forced and gender-selection abortions pose a *huge* problem to the left. If it’s okay to kill a baby by ‘choice’ (Down’s, inconvenience, etc.), then what’s wrong with killing them because they’re female? Then it’s not a long hop from saying “abortion is great!” to “you MUST have an abortion!”

    • Dale Price

      The South Korean embassy would have been the best bet.

      Please note that this is the second inconvenient asylum seeker we’ve shit on this year. George H.W. Bush was very soft on China, but he made sure we protected a dissident until the Chinese folded and let him go.

  • I think you’re right to say that Obama has done horrible things which most of the left has hypocritically given him a pass on (for instance, his escalation of drone attacks, which have killed many innocent civilians).

    But I don’t think this specific case is as clear-cut as you do. The State Department is denying that Guangcheng’s account is true, and Jerome Cohen backs the State Department’s account. It’s not self-evident that Cohen, who was brought into the negotiations at Guangcheng’s request, would lie on the State Department’s behalf.

    I’m not sure what the truth here is, and — given the current state of evidence — I don’t think you should be certain, either.

  • dpt

    It is a strange period for China currently…with the upheavals concerning the Party Chairman Bo XiLai and now this.

    One of my coworkers here is Chinese (has a green card) and she is very worried about events in China right now. A month or so ago there were some rumors of a possible coup, so the economic powerhouse that is modern China could see more challenges directed towards the powers that be.

  • SecretAgentMan

    Chen got what he wanted; he’s the first American citizen of the New Era.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    “Let’s just say we have every reason to trust Chen and no reason to trust Obama.”

    He (Chen) said he did not feel that the US had failed him, but that he was worried, and felt that China was not abiding by its promise.

    He believed that US officials, and his friends, had been prevented from visiting him by the Chinese authorities. He also said that the hospital was treating him well, and that he had not received any threats from people around him.

    “”I think they [China] didn’t abide with the agreement between China and the US.”


    I know you hatred of our “despicable President” often clouds your judgement, Mark, but you have this one all wrong.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Something tells me that what Chen says when he is outside the American embassy is going to be slightly different from what he says under protection.

      • Yes, I would think so. And perhaps he got wins of this passively-threatening quote:

        “Cohen, who gained Chen’s trust when he assisted him in talks with the Chinese government in 2005, spoke somberly of the consequences for Chen should he displease the Obama administration.

        “I think the saddest outcome would be if events transpired now that put Chen at war with the U.S. government that represents his only secure support,” Cohen told Time Magazine. “It could easily happen through confusion, through confusion being sown that would create distrust between him and the U.S., and then he would just be out there and that would be very, very unfortunate.”

        Very, very unfortunate. So, perhaps now, Chen Guangcheng is being very, very careful.

  • Sandra Miesel

    Tonight’s NBC network news made Chen out as the one at fault for embarrassing Hilary and the American government. How dare he jeopardize our relations with China!

    • yeah, what an upstart! How dare he defend the defenseless, escape from house arrest, seek safety at our embassy, leave inexplicably and likely under duress, and then ask for help. I hope it didn’t cause Hilary to miss time with her personal stylist!

  • Donna Miller

    I’ll speak up against it. Unfortunately, too many of my fellow lefties are waiting for the next Republican President to be outraged at anything done by the Executive Branch.

    • Mark Shea

      Good for you!

  • Nick R

    I think Jon Stewart does pretty well on this, and minces to words

    “Way to go Chen! How inconsiderate can you get? Blind human activist Chen Guan Cheng. Just couldn’t wait two more weeks to escape oppression? Think about someone else for a change, jailed-working-to-end-China’s-forced-abortion-and-sterilization-policies-guy!”

    Hits it right on the head.

  • L Daily