Oh sure it’s “immoral” according to some

…but there are a lot of questions and definitions that need to be clarified before we just condemn it outright.

What do we mean by “kill” for instance? It’s sooo complicated that I don’t even know if we can define it? Is it really “killing” if the poor are a threat to peaceful and decent law-abiding citizens? Isn’t it self defense to kill these sources of Terror? And isn’t killing in self-defense just? And even if some Pharisees are going to get all self-righteous when brave Americans are dying at the hands of poor people, isn’t it a fact that killing the poor *works*? Well, excuse me for living, but I’m not going to split hairs about “murder” in some abstract theologian’s Ivory Tower when a poor person might possibly be thinking of doing something bad in several years. I say kill the poor *now* before they commit the crime I am fearful about. The fears of decent people like me are sufficient grounds for killing strangers on the off chance it will keep me safe. It’s not murder. It’s enhanced metabolic reduction.

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    Why do I think that these kinds of conversations are actually being held?

    • Ted Seeber

      Because our good President has pretty much admitted that they are- that the best way he can see to reduce the population living on wellfare is Planned Parenthood.