Poor Leah

I can’t help but love her. A reasonable soul and a born peacemaker who is currently living out the truth of Chesterton’s remark that “It takes three to make a quarrel. The full potentialities of human fury cannot be fully realized until a friend tactfully intervenes.” Sorry for making your life hell this week, Leah.

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  • Elizabeth Scalia

    She really is a good kid!

    • leahlibresco

      I’d take this as a compliment, but I’ve been out of college for almost a full year, and I’m an adult gosh darn it! I have used an oven three times this year already!

      • Kelly Franklin

        This made me laugh. I didn’t own more than one cooking pot until I got married. In my mind, ovens were just overpriced frozen pizza cookers. . . .

      • Mark Shea

        Anybody 30 years my junior gets the affectionate appellation “kid”. You’re younger than my oldest son!

      • Kelly Franklin

        P.S. it’s encouraging to see a person like yourself engaging tough questions seriously. I hope that your ideas and thoughts receive equally fair engagement from Christians like myself.

        • leahlibresco

          Thanks a lot, Kelly!

        • Beadgirl

          I also really enjoy reading your posts. Especially when you geek out about math.

      • http://studio25newstwister.blogspot.com/ un ateu

        I have a question, where did the need to affiliate yourself to the catholic church come from? I don`t really understand the association. why be subject to doctrine, rules, rituals, when you don`t need sanctioning of any authority to believe in any god that you might be attracted to? more over, since you have dividing issue between you and the church. back in Romania, i met a monk who didn`t recommended himself as a Orthodox monk, he recommended himself a servant of God. when we spoke, he made no reference to holy books, or the institution, and I asked him why? he said he doesn`t belong to any church that confiscated god for themselves

    • Roberto

      Leah, I greatly admire your approach to these sensitive issues. I will do my best to imitate it. Thanks

  • bob witt

    Leah, Welcome
    Yes the Catholic Church has some problems, but look to those whom have given their lives to follow the Way of the Cross. Start with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit, a true living saint.