Pure Evil

Now available in a convenient pill form.

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What is Christianism?
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What is Christianism?
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What is Christianism?
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The Comprehensive Case Against Roy Moore

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  • Marcus

    I can’t wait for the “pro-choice” crowd to argue in circles about how this is totally different from embryonic stem cells.

    • Ed Pie

      Aaat….least it’s not powdered rhino horn?

      Where do people come up with these things? Who’s going around saying “that’s a pretty good idea?”

      • S. Murphy

        At one level, it’s the same kind of stupid as feeding herbivores (cattle) food made partly of ground up brains of their own species and/ or sheep. At another level, it’s just another bizarre, but not atypical, little bulletin from the species who murdered God.

        Guess I’ll check GNC labels closer… don’t care to ingest anything from China after this. Y’know, we need missionaries. They need the Gospel- at least as desperately as we do.

  • Beccolina

    Tell me again why the ‘slippery slope’ argument is always dismissed. Ugh. Ick. I need to go clean my brain after reading that.

  • Nick R

    Uhhhhhhh. Yeah. That’s beyond messed up.
    They could use some basic science in addition to basic morality.

  • Liam

    The difference between this and embryonic stem cell research is that it clearly doesn’t work. Oh… wait…

    • SecretAgentMan

      That’s because we haven’t done enough of it. If we did more embryonic stem cell research it would clearly hold promise of great developments to come if we only did even more embryonic stem cell research.

  • dpt

    Folks are pointing fingers at the Chinese for this, but what does this say about some Koreans that there is a market for such pills?