Since I demanded that the gay community repudiate and condemn Dan Savage’s bullying

Let me just note that this man’s bullying rhetoric is utterly repellent and I reject it completely.

Let me also note that this guy is a nobody and I’ve never heard of him before. Dan Savage, in contrast, is a leading figure in the gay community whose bullying of kids half his age is part of a pattern that includes bullying of others he has decided are gay and need to be exposed, as well as advocacy of the rape of ideological enemies. He should be a pariah in the gay community. That he is not is the little thing that marks the priorities of the gay community leadership off from the norms of civic decency.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Beyond terrible.

    Thanks to TAC for shaming him.

  • Tom

    I listened to this, and I thought this pastor was heinously guilty of hyperbole and poor judgement for the words he used. But I try to see everything in context. I am a believer. I try every day to clearly understand God’s calling for us, and live a life modeled after Jesus. But does not God instruct fathers to teach their sons to be men? What I heard is this pastor saying that we fathers need to reinforce Godly and manly character in our sons, and fight the pernicious influence of secular culture. Sometimes this requires corporal intervention.
    I need to have my perspective challenged and clarified. Thanks.

  • ds

    I think you should stop saying Dan Savage advocates rape. That was clearly a really bad joke made in very poor taste. Certainly something to be critical of, but not the same thing as advocating rape.

    Don’t you have enough to validly criticize him about without misrepresenting some of his statements?

    • Mark Shea

      No. It was advocacy of rape, framed as a joke. If some fanboy “jokes” that Jews who object to Jones and Voris anti-semitism are people he fantasizes about shoving into an oven, that is advocacy, not humor. Stop making excuses for this guy. He’s a public figure and responsible for his reckless speech.