Stop the HHS Mandate!

Have you signed the Petition?

While you’re at it sign this petition against the NDAA which give our Tyrant King the power to indefinitely detain any American citizen forever without trial. if you are a lefty who voted for him, you have a special obligation to sign this or shut up forever about the Bushies shredding the Constitution (which they did, in fact, do–yet not as profoundly as Obama has done).

Gentle Lefty reader: Don’t be a Repulsive Progressive Hypocrite. Make it so that you can look Glenn Greenwald in the eye and not feel ashamed of yourself.

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  • Nancy Tinkham

    Mark, can you turn down the insults? I actually agree with you about the NDAA, but it’s so hard to get past your language — “tyrant king”, “repulsive progressive hypocrite”, “shut up forever”, etc. You might, for comparison, read the ACLU’s page on the issue at — it’s forceful without attacking the reader. If you want to persuade liberals of your position, you’ll be more effective if you don’t insult us in the middle of your sales pitch.

    • Mark Shea

      Repulsive progressive hypocrisy is Greenwald’s phrase. And claiming the unilateral right to murder and jail people without trial is tyranny. So yes, any lefty who remains silent here forfeits the right to gripe about this tyranny when a GOPer takes it over from Obama.

    • B.E. Ward

      And Please Note the Use of Proper Nouns for Humor and Effect

  • Beadgirl

    I see your point, Nancy, but I read it differently. I actually came to the comments to specifically thank Mark for not assuming that all us lefties are “repulsive progressive hypocrites.”

  • Obama *is* a tyrant. If in the bizarro world of chance, though unlikely, he gets replaced by “Rum-knee”, *he* will be the tyrant.

    So, just to re-cap; lives in the White House = Tyrant

    I call ’em like I see ’em.