A Question About Miracles

I’m curious about miracles.

My youngest daughter has been married about eight years. They have been childless and really wanted children. They even went to fertility, or some other type of clinics, 200 miles from home to get help. Last I heard was that nothing could be done.

When our priest was on vacation this winter, we had a retired priest. In his homily he mentioned Pope John XXIII being Venerable. I took this to mean he’s awaiting miracles to confirm his sainthood. I began praying one Rosary a week, to Pope John XXIII, with the intention that my daughter have a child.

On Memorial Day Weekend, my Daughter and Son-in-Law visited. They announced that she is expecting in January!

My question is: Can I somehow report this and further Pope John XXIII’s cause? I’m ecstatic about the results of my prayer and that he had something to do with it. I remember him very fondly and will do whatever I can to further his cause.

Sure. I presume somebody (I don’t know who) is in charge of promoting his cause. Probably easy enough to Google. I’d let them know.

And, by the way, congratulations and thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  • Brian

    If you look up most venerables or blesseds on this site: saints.sqpn.com it will tell you how to further the cause for canonization. From Blessed Pope John XXIII’s page: http://saints.sqpn.com/pope-blessed-john-xxiii/

    if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Pope John, contact
    Associazione “Amici Papa Giovanni XXIII”
    Via Brusicco, 9
    24039 Sotto il Monte (BG), ITALY

  • Ted Seeber

    So much in our church isn’t online yet; and the good Pope has had at least three postulators join him in the journey to heaven, and two rule changes since his cause was started. He does indeed need one more miracle after 2000 to become a Saint under the latest rule change.

    However, it looks to me, from what I could find, the Italian Franciscians are in charge of the cause- Fr. Luca De Rosa OFM is the postulator. I was able to find this webpage on the subject:

    But since I don’t read Italian, I’m not sure where to go from there.

  • fats

    off a relic i have

    for graces received, contact:

    Postulazione della Causa di Canonizzazione
    al Beato Giovanni Paolo II
    Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano, 6/a
    0184 Roma

  • fats

    00184 not 0184

  • Prayer is the most powerful event that we can provide towards the Sainthood of our Blessed Pope John XX111. I had a audience with him on Christmas Day, December 25, 1961 at which time I prayed for the successful delivery of our youngest daughter which was to be in 1962. Pope John XX111 said he would pray for all of the children to be born in the next year. He was right on. Our youngest daughter was born with no problems. There was to be problems with the delivery but it did not happen. I have since prayed to him for many favors over the past 50 years with his medals he blessed that day and have been touched to his remains and HE HAS NOT FAILED ME. We need ONE MORE MIRACLE, prayer will get us to this SECOND MIRACLE, BELIEVE IN IT. Pray each day.

  • Monica Muscat

    I have been a devoted follower of the Good Pope John since his death, when I was only 14 years. (I am now close to turning 65!) Ever since I have carried with me a small medallion which contains a small piece of his clothing, and which my sister brought to me from Rome soon after his death. I believe that this medallion is in itself miraculous, as whenever I lost it for some time, I always got into some sort of trouble. Than it turns up again, and the waters become calmer! I have other relics too, which his ex-secretary Mons. Loris Capovilla, whom I went to visit personally, sends me from time to time. These relics I keep close to my heart, but give them out to people who are in need of help and prayer, and who show an interest in asking Pope John to intervene for them.
    Recently, we had a case which has all the ingredients of a “first grade miracle”, but of course I am not a liberty to disclose details. I have set things in motion, and hope that, at long last, The Good Pope John will “consent” to help us declare him a Saint.