Dem Savages

Remember: It’s only conservatives who are crazy, bloody-minded and unhinged radicals. The Left is the home of peace, tolerance, and rationality.  That’s why Sarah Palin’s little target infographic makes her personally responsible for some nut shooting Gabby Giffords.

Those of us who remember the Dem fake dudgeion hand-wringing about “civility” cannot but be amused by the world-historical hypocrisy of sore Dem losers calling for the murder of Scott Walker.

Just wait till Obama loses. The freakout will be epic. And if there’s violence, these people will have blood on their hands, perhaps literally.

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  • Faith

    Most of these sound like they are written by the same person? It is horrible that people think this way and get so worked up, but at the same time things like twitter put into print (so to speak) thoughts that otherwise would have passed away quickly after the emotional upset. People speak terrible things sometimes in anger. They shouldn’t. It is ignorant and vile, but before the days of twitter, they were forced to restrain themselves and didn’t have a public audience. It’s deplorable, and a shame that both sides of the political aisle use this stupidity to beat up the other side.

  • Tim

    I doubt any violence will happen unless it can somehow be achieved with 140 characters or less (or whatever the twitter restrictions are).

    • Amy P.

      I don’t know, Tim. I live in Wisconsin and in some circles the hatred for Gov. Walker is very, genuinely, real. There is a patrol sitting outside his private residence at all times, etc. Friends of mine who supported Walker went home to take their pro-Walker lawn signs off after Walker was declared the winner.

      Did you know Gov. Walker’s challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, was slapped by a supporter after he conceded the election? I just do not believe the political turmoil in Wisconsin ended with Tuesday’s resoundingly clear election results.

  • Peggy R

    I do have concerns about violence after O loses in November.

    • Ted Seeber

      Most of my concern for violence after O loses in November will be from the sudden realization of Wall Street that certain groups of people are better used as dog food for materialistic purposes.

  • Mark H.

    Sounds like a very intellectual group of people making the threats. But seriously, I wish there was some way to at least throw a scare into someone who makes a public death threat like this, even if the person isn’t serious.

    • Amy P.

      There would be, if we had a legal system with the stones to prosecute such behavior. That woman I mentioned above? The one who slapped a sitting mayor for conceding an election? She was simply “frustrated.” In the real world, that is assault.

      In Wisconsin it seems that who gets punished for what behavior hinges on their political affiliation. A gentleman who was displaying a pro-Walker sign at a pro-Barrett rally last week was arrested; Walker supporters who gathered on a footbridge over the express way to demonstrate their support were forced to leave by police while Barrett supporters who did the same thing were allowed to stay (and flash lights at cars passing below!).

      The only way you stop this is to enforce the law to its fullest extent.

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    Barring a major economic or national security emergency, Obama isn’t going to lose. Not that he deserves to win, but the GOP have nominated a muppet, and that’s going to become painfully obvious over the next several months.

    • Gary Keith Chesterton

      I agree. And I don’t think the press will permit it, having invested so much of their credibility in O four years ago.

  • Danielle

    I’m not sure it will matter who wins in November….I’m sure there will “issues” either way.

    • I agree with the above. I don’t think Obama will lose. It may be close, depending on what happens between now and then, but I don’t think he’ll lose. I also don’t think it will matter much who wins, although for the first time in a long time, I really think that this *is* “one of the most important elections in our life time” etc. etc. Having said that, I don’t trust Romney much either, but I may vote for him because he is the only candidate that has any chance at all of beating Obama.

  • Ted Seeber

    A friend on slashdot a few minutes ago- a liberal Cafeteria Catholic- asked me to evaluate the major candidates after first removing abortion from my list of criteria. This was my answer:
    Don’t know which one of these to reply to, so I’ll reply to both. I wouldn’t vote for either one. Abortion issue entirely aside, I’ve seen enough on the Birther issue (despite not believing the President was born in Kenya) to consider President Obama a liar of the first order (from his earlier book, press releases, and Indiana Senate run, in all of which he was the original Birther, claiming himself to have been born in Kenya) plus his overt racism (both in supporting Planned Parenthood’s Project Negro and Rev. Wright’s church). And Romney’s right out for me due to his incredible materialism and disregard for human life in running Bain Capital, not to mention his disregard for other species that share our planet with us. And both of them support war and torture, which are also intrinsic evils. Neither is an acceptable candidate to me and my conscience at all; and neither political party has given me an acceptable candidate since I was 6 years old and in my naive youth wanted to vote for the name on my toy tractor.

    • Peggy R

      We’re not exactly in need of a saint or a pop star here. I would agree that there are moral deficiencies on both sides. Obama is utterly unacceptable. Romney is reasonably acceptable and he comes off as a pretty decent guy. No, he is not a Catholic and doesn’t share all of our Catholic morals.
      I hope the pessimists here thinking O’s a shoo-in are just living in fear. (Have you seen the polls this week?)
      Romney just has to keep talking about liberty, prosperity and fiscal responsibility and win. Barack Obama has failed on all those fronts. Do the people want freedom or free stuff?
      Now, Romney may not get it all done, whether deliberately or stopped by a Congress. That is where the voter disappointment will come in to play. The base is very socially and fiscally conservative. He will be pushed right. We’ll see how far we can push him there. I think the base is tired of war in the middle east too. Whether the GOP gets that, I don’t know. McVain sure doesn’t.

      The scary thing is that some GOPers and Jeb himself still think he’s got a chance at the presidency (someday). Go away. We’ve had enough Bushes for many lifetimes.

      • Ted Seeber

        “Romney is reasonably acceptable and he comes off as a pretty decent guy. No, he is not a Catholic and doesn’t share all of our Catholic morals.”
        “Romney just has to keep talking about liberty, prosperity and fiscal responsibility and win.”

        My problem isn’t just that he doesn’t share our morals- he doesn’t even share our DEFINITIONS of those three items. His Liberty is economically libertine, believing that brokers and bankers can’t sin. His Prosperity is built on causing abortions. His definition of fiscal responsibility is “I get to keep my gains when I win and you taxpayers get to pay for my losses when I lose”.

        NONE of which are compatible with a Catholic idea of what capitalism ought to be.

  • ds

    Idiotic tweets from idiotic nobodies. Dudgeon over fake dudgeon (or dudgieon?) is fake.