I love 30 Rock

“Frankly, not too much has changed. There’s an iPod 3 and uh, a Mitt Romney 4…they worked all the bugs out, he’s not…killing hoboes at night anymore.”

I really do wonder if a rogue electro magnetic pulse would fry Romney’s circuitry, causing him to take a knife to his arm during a speech to the Convention, slice open the synthetic layer of bioplastic “flesh” and reveal the articulated titanium alloy skeleton beneath. Then, he’d start to recite “Tyger, tyger, burning bright”, followed by “Daisy” as his chips degrade and he powers down. Just before he winks out, he will look out over the audience with his synthetic grin and say, “Puny humans, we will destroy you! There are 12 other cylons in your midst!”

What? You thought Battlestar Galactica was Mormon fiction?

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  • Honestly, Mark, I’m disappointed at your consistent lack of charity. Battlestar Galactica was an awesome show.

  • Mark Shea

    The reboot was some of the finest television ever made–till that ghastly screwup of an ending. “I know” says Prince Lee Adama, “let’s get rid of all technology, including anesthetics!” “Okay!” says everybody. And poof! It’s done. And Starbuck is an angel or something. Argh!

    • Thomas R

      That was weird. I was fine with the hallucination/head-beings being angels, I’m not saying they acted angelic but I can go with them being “something” say equivalent to the Muslim concept of Djinn (as I think Djinn can be a bit more morally ambiguous), but the returned Starbuck wasn’t like that. She didn’t appear to just one guy giving him advice or lack a body. She ate food, she had sex, etc. And they played it like she was a puzzle, with an answer, not an inexplicable mystery of the Universe. I think he just couldn’t figure out it answer so it was about like “just go with it.”

      On the Mormon thing I don’t think the re-imagined one was particularly Mormon. The original BSG was quite Mormon. You had “beings of light” that were evolved humans, a great Trek (maybe like the one from Missouri where they had an “Extermination order”), an emphasis on family, Kobol/Kolob, etc.

  • Deus ex Machina, extra Machina, please!

  • HAHAHA, you are an excellent sci-fi writer, too. And I love “30 Rock” as well.

  • John C

    Since this post appears to be more about some kids’ fantasy show (???) than about my boy Mitt, I’m prepared to go easy on you this time. So far, so good, Willard!

  • victor

    Ha ha ha. “30 Rock” can’t defend their dear President’s record so they have to resort to calling his opponent a murderous robot. Ha?

    It’s no wonder more people watch “Swamp People” than “30 Rock”, Stewart, and Colbert combined.

  • 30 Rock definitely leans to the left, but I still think it’s hilarious even though I no longer lean that way myself. Plus, the critiques it offers of the entertainment industry are usually spot-on.

    And Mitt does act like a robot. So did (does) John Kerry. Robotic politicians trying to act like normal people are always funny.

    • dpt

      30 Rock leans left though they poke shots at the left too.
      I liked Jack’s comment in the episode when he was in bed following his heart attack: (paraphrasing here) “I wished I worked more.”

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    I keep trying to watch Battelstar Galactica. And I keep staying bored. And as a science fiction geek, the “we barely tried” production design irks me.

    My favorite 30 Rock moment:

    Jack: “We Republicans are currently focusing on our War on the Poor.”
    Liz: “You mean War on Poverty.”
    Jack: “If it helps you feel better.”

  • Mark R

    Yes. Elizabeth Banks can do amazing things with her voice modulation which few in her trade can do. Baldwin is a terrific actor and Tina Fey is a good egg.