If your life has no meaning anymore when Twitter goes down…

then in all probability, your life has no meaning when Twitter is up. Which is a shame since your life has eternal meaning in the eyes of God.

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  • EBS

    How sad and pathetic. I recently closed my Facebook account, and feel like a real human being again. Don’t have twitter. Sorry to those that use it, but both twitter and Facebook have reduced humans to plastic faces and words. I always found myself depressed after going onto Facebook…I hope both become a dying phase, as I really want to raise my children, inning and visiting their friends.

  • I would hope they were being sarcastic – I’ve been known to say such things but never seriously.

    As part of my New Year’s Resolutions I set weight loss goals with the “reward” for meeting them being getting back on social media, which I was wasting a lot of time on. About a month ago I reached my goal for Twitter and I am glad to have that – I use it to get news headlines. Because it’s a simpler service I don’t think it sucks you in as much as Facebook. I have a ways to go still before going back on Facebook, and I’m not sure I want to. The lack of privacy is really, really creepy. Plus I have way more time now to do things that are actually productive and meaningful!

  • It’s twitter: those comments should be spoken in a teenager’s voice. Personally I love twitter because it’s a giant party line. Everyone is talking(and listening) to everyone else, even when, socially, they shouldn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t. Or they’re a spam bot trying to sell me pornography. Such is life in the 21st century.

  • Oregon Catholic

    Facebook and Twitter are such timewasters. I’m surprised more employers don’t force their workers to lock up their iphones when they come to work.

    • dpt

      It seems some are attached to electronics like a child is to a toy.
      Some at work carry their “smart” phone every where and check it constantly, even during conversations. I don’t get the need to be constantly connected and on-line. Seems that they are fooling themselves in thinking they are being so productive with multi-tasking, though the interruptions are killing any productivity.

  • Will

    People get carried away with many online things. Real face to face is far superior.

  • Tom R

    The “140 million users” figure quoted in that report is obviously not a literal figure, but rather symbolises Twitter’s 140-character limit, multiplied by “a million”, an early-21century synecdoche loosely signifying “a large number”. The true number of Twitter users was more like 20-30,000.

    Also, Twitter users did not literally “tweet” like birds, but rather muttered to themselves in low voices while texting.

  • Steven Hawkings, author of A Brief History of Time, compared the probability of life evolving to a horde of monkeys producing one of Shakespeare’s sonnets by randomly pecking on typewriter keys. The likelihood of that happening would be minuscule. Even the odds of simply spelling out the poet’s name would be scant.