Nicole DeMille….

…writes a beautiful tribute to her husband, who is a blessed man to have her for a wife. Lovely to see a marriage that foster such mutual love and support.

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  • MK

    That was completely lovely. So refreshing to read about a happy Christ-centered marriage. God willing I will meet a man as wonderful and loving someday!

  • Eileen D’A

    Nicole has a beautifully pure soul. She’s a treasure, for sure. I look forward to hearing more from her…

  • beccolina

    Thank you for posting that. It makes me want to go hug my husband in appreciation for him.

  • Pansy Moss

    She is a lovely person inside and out.

  • “Back in my girlhood when I had cold feet about marriage, I feared giving myself and my life over to a man because I feared no man would be able to perform the all-important and all-encompassing duties of husband and father. I saw wives unaided, unappreciated and abandoned, clutching on white knuckled to the wheel of a ship they were never meant to steer. I saw kids raised by men who behaved less like fathers than like punk friends you don’t want coming around calling for your son. I used to think the trick was choosing the right person. Now I see it’s a matter of BEING the right person, the ladylike, nurturing, 24/7 wife and mother who stands by her husband’s decisions, who will refrain from mocking, controlling, yelling, flirting, nagging, complaining, and demanding”

    So if you are underappreciated and unaided, it’s all your fault. And you were never meant to “steer that ship,” which apparently means having any agency in your marriage? According to Demille, it’s the husband’s job to do the supplying, deciding, and guiding–the wife just needs to follow his decisions.
    Also love the swipes at the”girling-down” of men. Misogyny and nasty gender policing are so much fun.
    Sorry, this article seems pretty disturbing and gross to me.