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Obama State Dept. Purges Religious Freedom Section from its Human Rights Reports

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  • This is truly horrible. I haven’t heard this yet out of the MSM, which isn’t a surprise. The sad thing is, if I post this link anywhere, it will get shot down because it is from a conservative site. It is maddening.

  • Oh My. This is outrageous. A person should have the freedom to choose his/her own religion.

  • I have a very good friend in the State Department and it appears that the piece above is an example of the Al Gore effect ( (c) Mark Shea:

    She writes in part (to my question – does this have any substance):

    “… not really any substance to it. Very alarmist; also, factually incorrect.

    Last year’s Human Rights Reports (HRRs) also contained a reference to the International Religious Freedom Reports (IRFRs). Here’s an

    Also, it’s considered a good thing, bureaucratically at least, for IRF issues to have their own reports. That way they don’t get buried with everythign else. The 2011 HRRs that just came out referred readers to the generic IRF web portal, and the latest reports on IRF are likely to come out very very soon.

    If you’re interested, the IRF people actually had to go through two entire reporting cycles this year because they’re trying to align their reports closer to the release of the human rights reports.
    You’ll see that work here:

    That’s also a really positive sign for the importane of IRF issues….”

    • MarylandBill

      Bureaucrats have more than one way of burying stuff they don’t want attention payed to. Placing it in a supplementary report is one way. If it is not in the HRRs, then lots of people, especially in the media, won’t be terribly bothered to check out the IRF report… since if there were important violations to religious freedom, they would have made the HRR.

      The basic problem is this… taken in isolation, your argument would probably hold water. But over the last couple of years, I have witnessed the democratically controlled government trying undermine traditional Christian beliefs in lots of tiny little ways. Call it death of a 100,000 cuts if you will.

      • I don’t think the problem is limited to the last couple of years and I think that saying ‘the government’ is trying to undermine traditional Christian beliefs is non-sensical. It is individuals, in power perhaps and perhaps coordinated, who are doing this and we fight them best by identifying the critical issues and showing them in the light of day.

    • Faith

      Since I don’t know squat, I assume this person knows that they are talking about. I look forward to hearing about the IRF report that’s due out soon. I wonder though, why the apparent stats sited in the HR report (except for IRF) referred to the old stats and not the separate one now published. And why didn’t the visiting professor at Georgetown know about this???? It’s puzzling but hopefully not as dire as at first glance. . . .

  • Adrian

    I would not be shocked to learn that Imperator-in-Chief Barack Obama would sacrifice religious freedom — or human rights in general — for the sake of facilitating the U.S. relationship with various oppressive regimes. However, I do object to Mark Shea’s attempt to read this phenomena through the lens of the Bishops’ focus-group-tested “religious freedom” campaign. Where were the bishops during the ground zero Mosque controversy? Timmy Cardinal Dolan’s call for compromise between the parties only served to legitimize the right-wing champions of a “mosque exclusion zone.” I know Quakers who went to jail for tax resistance during the Vietnam atrocities — that’s fighting for conscience fo’ real. T-Do and and his mitred brothers are just faking it.