Rev. Susan Russell…

…demonstrates for a warm and willing NPR what I call the semi-permeable membrane of the various Protestantisms (also used often by ignorant or rebellious Catholics too). Quoth she:

“Jesus never said a single word about anything even remotely connected to homosexuality,” she says.


1.If a thing is condemned by the Church but permitted by the Protestant (say, gay marriage), the demand is for an explicit text forbidding it. (“Show me where Jesus said one word about not allowing gay marriage! That’s just the Church imposing its purely human ideas on what Jesus came to say.”)

2.Conversely, if a thing is allowed by the Church but condemned by the Protestant, the demand is for an explicit text commanding it. (“Where in the Bible do you find anyone asking us to pray to dead people? That’s just the Church imposing it’s purely human ideas on what Jesus came to say.”)

Note how the terms of the argument shift to suit the “Heads I win, tails the Church loses” agenda.

I hate being right all the time.

Here’s reality. Jesus recognizes only one thing as marriage: the indissoluble union of one man and one woman (Matthew 19). The Church follows suit. Period. Attempts to torque anything else out of the New Testament or the Christian tradition are ignorant or dishonest. Usually dishonest.

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  • This “reverend” would do well to study _Theology of the Body_ (the original book, that is), wherein Bl. John Paul II spends a great deal of text unpacking Our Lord’s words, “From the beginning, God intended them male and female.”

  • dpt

    I hear the same when it comes to abortion as well.
    Oh well, let’s apply this thought and logic to what Jesus explicitly stated about the death penalty and war.

    • Mark Shea

      Jesus did address the death penalty: “He who without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” Conservative death penalty enthusiasts don’t like that. They desperately want to believe that the death penalty is a positive good and not a concesson to human weakness that should be mitigated wherever possible. Protestants aren’t *all* outside the Church.

      • dpt

        Mark- I don’t disagree with you, though is this verse an explicit condemnation of the death penalty? Would it apply to those who commit murder–“go and sin no more”?
        Yes, in the fullness of the Gospel of Life it has that meaning for us, and for those of us who have doubts, it is a call to step back and pray for the fullness of living the Gosple.

        I agree it is wrong to want the death penalty to be a positive good. It stands in opposition to life and the scares me that governments apply this to individuals.


  • Oregon Catholic

    The best response to preachers like the good Rev. is to remind them that Jesus came to preach to the Jews. He had no need to speak of the sinfulness of homosexuality and abortion because it was already part of their religious practice to avoid these. He never told them it was wrong to steal or commit murder either. If she wants to know where they were spoken of she needs to read St. Paul who was preaching to the pagans.