Strange times

When I was a kid, I was taught that the greatness of America lay in the fact that the government couldn’t just declare you an enemy of the state and order your death. That was what wicked totalitarian regimes like Russia and China did. We lived in a free country ruled by elected officials who were bound by the law. They were not potentates who declared “I am the State” and did anything they like, including murder, without check. To be proud of that fact was to be a good American. To be hostile to unilateral dictators was a natural corrollary of that.

Now, however, we live in this reality:

Note the source of the video: Democracy Now. And for a certain percentage of readers, that will somehow render the information ritually unclean. So too will Greenwald’s mention of the (perfectly true) fact that, for all their hostility to Obama on many other issues (primarily having to do with the perceived threat he poses to the rich), the so-called “conservatives” in our Ruling Class have typically heaped praise on Obama’s expansion of dictatorial, unaccountable, life and death powers for the executive and look forward to retaking the White House so as to enjoy these tyrannical powers themselves–for the Greater Good, of course. Indeed, between passive silence on the left and enthusiastic cheerleading for Obama’s draconian abuse of power on the Right, our political class has done of a fine job of cementing this dangerous slide toward tyranny as a permanent metastasizing feature of our political life.

It’s not right vs. left anymore. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

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  • CF Mathews

    You’re on the money, Mark! I’ve given up on the Republican party. Greenwald claims Obama is on the “top of the pyramid.” That’s a mistake. The whole reason why there exists this great “consensus” on foreign relations between “left and right,” is because someone else is the behind the scenes, acting as puppeteer. Look at last weekend’s Bilderberg Conference if you want to know who’s really at the top of the pyramid.

  • CF Mathews

    Mr. Shea-sorry, I was unable to access your email-I received an email from someone named “Mark” and it was blank. After that, all my emails were blank-I then deleted the original email. This happened just after doing the comment above. The 2 things might be unrelated, someone may be playing not nice games with your commenters or you may have tried to email me. Just informing you. God bless…

    • Mark Shea

      Huh? I haven’t sent you an email. I’m confused.

  • CF Mathews

    PS Fortunately, I was able to restore my emails.

  • CF Mathews

    Oh, just got your reply-thank you. Just informing you, that’s all.

    • Mark Shea

      I don’t know what you are informing me of.

      • CF Mathews

        Nevermind-it probably was irrelevant. Have a blessed Feast of the Sacred Heart on Friday!