Super Duper Secret New Gospel Revelations

Some guy has just written a book called the Book of Peter which he claims is based on lost or hidden writings of Clement. There is a website that gives a preview at

To me this simply appears to be a case of a Protestant discovering writings that the Catholic Church has always known about ie. The Homilies of Clement, and the apocryphal writings attributed to Peter. Not being a great biblical scholar myself I thought I might see what you make of it.

Your take sounds about right. I’m always leery of stuff that claims to “complete” the Bible or reveal something nobody ever heard of before. The apostolic deposit of faith has been public in the Church for 2000 years. It is incorrigibly non-elitist. Gnostics claim secret knowledge. Christians insist the whole megillah is public and requires only an open heart, not special decoder rings. 1 Clement is available on line and anybody can read it. It’s a fine specimen of teaching from an early Pope. No Big Secrets are hidden therein. Just normal Catholic teaching. Some people have a cow because Clement credits the legend of the Phoenix. Such people need to get a life and realize that he’s a teacher fishing for a good homily illustration. Big whoop.

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  • It is important to point out however that the “Protestant Bible” is a subset of the “Catholic Bible” – not the other way around.

  • Heh. A few years ago, everybody in the media was running around like chickens with their heads cot off over the recently ‘discovered’ Gospel of Judas.

    Me, when my middle school student bring up stuff like this to me, I read to them from the so-called “Gospel of Thomas”:
    Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.”

    2 Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. 3For every female who makes herself male will enter the domain of Heaven.”
    “See, kids, it’s not that there’s (cue scary music & echo chamber) secret knowledge! (end cue) that the evil Catholic Church has been hiding from you. It’s that this Gospel was bogus, and the Church labelled it bogus.”

    I crack up just a little when I see this junk every few years…ah, well!

    • Loud

      Holy cow…… I thought the gnostics who faked that gospel died out, but I just realized that THEY’RE BACK!!!! They call themselves…….FEMINISTS!!!! And they have added a new teaching. Not only are true females unworthy of life, but MALES are unworthy of life, only the brand new FE-MALE FUSION that they’ve been trupeting are truly worthy…….

  • beccolina

    This reminds me of a man I heard on our local talk radio. He claimed that, after an extensive study of Paul’s letters, that Paul was not in line with the Old Testament and was wrong, and that every church since Paul joined was wrong. He also claimed that calling the gospels the gospels was evil because it was a shortened form of God’s-spell.

  • Captain Peabody

    Upon closer examination, this book appears to be composed of material taken from the so-called Clementine Homilies and Recognitions, a spurious grouping of 4th century documents possibly written by an Arian or pseudo-Arian and later edited and used by Ebonites and many other groups over the centuries. The only Church Father who mentions it is Eusebius, who says that it has only come forward in the last few years and is unknown to the Church and those before him. You will not (to the best of my knowledge) find a single living scholar who accepts it as an authentic document.

    So, no: no secrets here. Just ancient forgeries.

  • Ted Seeber

    The phoenix is real, it’s just not what people think it is. Birds have an instinctual behavior called anting, where they pick up sticks or stones with their beak and use them to clean their feathers. At some point in the remote past (and even the not-so-remote) birds have been observed to ant with things like burning coals and lit cigarettes by mistake. Due to the melting and burning temperature of animal fat, it’s no doubt that some ancient Greek or Roman saw this behavior at precisely the wrong moment, just as the bird was setting himself on fire, and the whole legend came from that.

    Dragons and Unicorns are similar. The Dragon in the chapters of Daniel, Catholic Version, known as Bel and the Dragon, was likely a Nile Crocodile who got washed out to sea accidentally and wound up in Babylonian-controlled Israel. And we’ve all seen Unicorns by Pliny the Elder’s description of them- the Greeks called them the Rhinoceros.

    Almost ALL mythical animals have their counterpart in the natural world.

    • Loud

      Perhaps, but what about the platypus?
      Honestly, I think they were some kind of childhood drawing Jesus made. God liked it so much he put it on his refrigerator. The divine moldy cheese then leapt out of the fridge and combined with the drawing to form a new and wacky lifeform. TA DA