Works like a charm

State provides corporation with taxpayer funded bailout. Grateful Corporation then thanks taxpayers by firing them and shipping their jobs overseas. Corporation pledges funds to stir moral panic depicting state/corporate alliance as the only thing protecting the human race from extinction.

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Not coincidentally….
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Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…
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Not coincidentally….
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Christianist “Prolife” Pundit Kevin Williamson…

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  • This is corporatism in action. It’s a poor use of taxpayer dollars and a major task for citizens of free states is to kill it off entirely if they want to keep their freedoms. There’s actually a pretty lively left/right partnership that’s been active over the years working to stamp it out with about 2/3rds of the Congressional votes coming from the right and 1/3 from the left. That group does not have a majority in the current Congress but there’s hope that it will be strengthened in the coming election.

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    I hate Bank of America. I’m so annoyed that they bought our mortgage and now we get the privilege of dealing with them once a month for 23 more years.

    • Wells Fargo bought mine but I’m working to get out from under it as fast as I can.

      I fired BofA over two years ago now and moved my money to a local bank here in CT.

      • I have such a rosy picture of the stock market and the US/world economy that I am seriously considering withdrawing enough from my retirement account to pay off my mortgage. That would basically be all of it, but it would sure feel nice to be out of debt.

    • Ted Seeber

      JP Morgan Chase bought mine. I’m currently working on paying off my medical debt to clean up my credit score to refinance with a local credit union.

  • The Deuce

    The irony of those who want greater government involvement in corporate affairs, on the assumption that businesses are evil and the state is good, is that state involvement helps corporations to become far more evil than they could otherwise get away with being.

  • The enemy of my enemy is still my…..enemy…

    No good deeds go unpunished when you’re talking about corporate welfare.

  • Saying that these giant corporations are “too big to fail” is like saying the Third Reich was “too big to fail.” It doesn’t matter how big or powerful it is, if its a failure then we’re better off without it. Government needs to just sit by and let them die. Corporate welfare only breeds more of the problem that it was meant to solve.

    • Too big to fail just means insufficiently insured. Set the insurance requirements for a corporate size high enough so that the payout will cover the systemic risk and you’ll ensure that too big to fail never happens ever again because corporations will self-regulate to avoid the extremely high premiums when the societal benefit doesn’t merit the risk.

      • ivan_the_mad

        And then the corporations all “relocate” to Singapore 😉

  • Ted Seeber

    11 Years ago I posted copies of an obituary for a software engineer who had commited suicide on the doors of my local BofA. Did not matter one wht. Outsourcing still continues, and BofA is still primarily owned by the Royal Family of Kuwait.

  • Richard Johnson

    As our sainted President is getting ready to had yet more powers to corporations, especially foreign owned corporations.

    I have to wonder, will Republicans campaign against this because it surrenders part of our sovereignty to a foreign court, or because it leaves out American owned corporations?

  • Thinkling

    If a company is too big to fail, then it is also too big to succeed.