A primer for disillusioned Catholics

Yr. Obdt. Svt. offers a few words of support to any Catholic who has ever been let down by fellow Catholics and tempted to despair.

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  • JB

    Even after Pentecost, I wonder how many times Mary smacked her forehead in exasperation over the Apostles acting like jerks.

  • Dave G.

    True stuff. People will let you down. Of course we shouldn’t use that as an excuse not to try. Sometimes I get the weird little feeling that the imperfection of the Church is a truth sometimes used to cover a multitude of sins. The earliest Church may have had its problems, but at no point did an inspired author write and say it’s no big deal, we’re just a crazy imperfect family. So keeping that balance, don’t get discouraged while never giving up the striving for perfection from the flock and focusing on God.

  • Ted Seeber

    My faith in God is just fine. It’s my faith in humanity- especially my own- that is seriously compromised and that I’m downright cynical about.

  • JB

    Literally, the only GOOD Catholic is a dead one, because all others are on probation.

  • Thank you for writing this. It’s exactly what I needed today.

  • dpt

    About five years ago our Knight’s council set up tables one Sunday morning to promote the council and recruit members. During a slow moment between Masses, a parishoner approached me and asked about the Knights, so I explained some of our activities and charitable events.

    The parishoner went off a bit about the horrible bishops and their inaction concerning the sex abuse cases. I think he needed to vent his frustration, because he settled down and stated that Jesus loved these bishops very much.

    As noted by others, we are all a mixture of “light and darkness” and for some the darkness can be quite prominent. We need to remind ourselves that the others we see who have failed us and seemingly failed Jesus’ teachings are indeed loved by Him.