For my 54th Birthday…

NASA is giving me seven minutes of extremely cool terror:

How wonderful to live in such a time.

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  • Barbara

    Happy birthday to yew!

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    I don’t recall the Viking landers having to go through all of that? How come?

  • Irenist

    Happy Birthday!

    (@GKC: Great question. The Viking landers were much smaller and lighter, so they needed only a simple parachute to slow their landing speed. Curiosity is larger and heavier since it carries more and better instrumentation than previous Mars rovers. It’s also running on nuclear power, so it won’t have to deal with having solar panels get too covered-up to be useful every time there’s a Martian dust storm.)

    • Gary Keith Chesterton

      What kind of nuclear power? SNAP?

  • Peter Sean Bradley


    I hope they remembered to convert feet to meters this time.

  • Nick R

    Modern technology is so awesome!

  • Observer

    Happy Birthday.

  • Sean P. Dailey

    So this is happening August 5, for real? Awesome!

    Happy birthday, Mark!