Hey Washingtonians! Did you know you can make pilgrimage close to home?

Fellow Seattleite Kate Leen writes:

The Leen family took a pilgrimage this weekend! I’ve lived in this area for close to 10 years, and I had no idea that there was a Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help within driving distance. The administrator, Fr. Lee, was very courteous and accommodating and enthusiastically and thoroughly answered all our questions about his Byzantine parish and the Shrine.

They have a pilgrimage weekend August 10-11, and it sounds like it would be a neat opportunity for those in the area looking for a pilgrimage close to home. Camp in a field, attend confession, participate in liturgies and processions, eat good food and let the kids run around and play some games. Sort of a Catholic staycation?

Now you know!

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  • KML

    Thanks for posting this, Mark!

  • B.E. Ward

    That’s in Olympia? Who knew?

    BTW.. along these lines, what’s the scoop on the grotto down in east Portland? Looks interesting.

    • KML

      BEW, I grew up in Portland and the Grotto is absolutely worth a visit. It’s particularly spectacular at Christmas. Make it a road trip! : )

  • bob

    This Byzantine Catholic parish was where Fr. Peter Dally wound up serving. He was the only (so far as I’m aware) “Pastoral Provision” priest in the state. He was a married Episcopal priest who started his journey to the Catholic Church in 1980. St George was the only church he was allowed to serve in here in Washington, as it was outside the oversight of the Settle archdiocese. He was never permitted to serve in any parish of the archdiocese in any capacity. He died in Olympia in 2007. Nice to see pictures of the church again, it’s beautiful.