Matthew Archbold kills me

Here he is, reaching into a deep treasure trove of cultural kitsch to teach the elementary lesson that he who marries the current fashion will soon be a widower.

It is the decreed fate of Christians, ordained by God Almighty, that those who will not fearlessly create culture without regard for what is trendy and with regard only for the true, good, and beautiful (as, for instance, Tolkien did), shall be doomed to imitate pop culture trends just as they have passed their sell-by date. The surest proof that flash mobs, for instance, have jumped the shark is that some big mega-church is now leaping on the bandwagon just as everybody else has leapt off. It’s why Christian music always sounds like stuff that was big five years ago and Christian movies always are just getting around to incorporating cinematic tricks that were hot five years ago. Christians used to create culture. Now we create stuff with ad campaigns that say not “This is a good movie and everybody will want to see this” but “This is a movie you should see because it’s Christian.”

[/inner Barbara Nicolosi]

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  • JB

    Reminds me of this 1970s Soviet TV version of the Beatles’ “Let it Be”. Based on my own experiences in Yeltsin’s marginally post-Soviet Russia, I recognise the style as the typical Soviet Russian attitude of trying simultaneously to piss-take decadent Western culture (thus the funny faces) plus showing off how sophisticated is Homo Sovieticus.

  • Eric

    I’t a valid point. I notice many years ago that the quality of secular music was just far better than what was playing on Christian stations. This is not so much the case now, but the vast majority of the ‘Christian’ music today is of protestant nature. It’s important too: most of time, especially children, only judge music by how it sounds, not by the message. It’s a marker I think on who it is that rules the world.

    • JB

      I mostly agree, although some Protestant music was very good back when Protestants were still basically Catholic heretics 😉

    • Ted Seeber

      My favorite religious music right now is Convert Nick Alexander- who bills himself as the Catholic Weird Al. His 40 Days is a standard for me for Lent.

  • Rosemarie


    Somebody please tell me that the “pole dancing for Jesus” thing isn’t true. I tracked down the original report; it’s not from the Onion, it wasn’t posted on April 1, it is apparently genuine – but I still don’t want to believe it. I know Evangelicalism has changed since I was a part of it but I don’t want to think it changed this much. We’re talking the very definition of “Epic Fail” here.

    • JB

      How about a Pole blessing dancers for Jesus?

      • Rosemarie


        Break dancing didn’t begin like pole dancing in a strip club for lascivious purposes so they’re not in the same universe. I could see the Holy Father blessing break dancers but not the other thing.

        • JB

          Yeah but still, isn’t it lovely to see the Blessed John Paul the Great kindly blessing those break-dancers?
          And he’s a POLE! Get it? (Rim-shots!)

          • Your comment is very relevant

  • joetexx

    Years ago James Hitchcock summed up the hip Catholicism of the late ”60’s as follows:

    “Trendy priests and nuns insisted on taking up smoking just as sensible lay people were beginning to quit. “

  • Ted Seeber

    A relevant Catholic Flash Mob looks like this:

  • Katie

    I’m having a hard time not saying, “Right on!”
    Anyway, I do quite agree with Mr. Shea. No more Christian “movies”! I simply want Baptized quality, puh-leez!