On the Eve of July 4

It seems fitting to contemplate a strategy for a new dark age.

All true revolutionaries are rebelling against the kingdom of this world and siding with the kingdom of Christ. It is one of the paradoxes of the gospel that God is a subversive against The Authorities.

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Not coincidentally….
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Not coincidentally….
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Not coincidentally….

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  • ivan_the_mad

    I enjoyed how the author’s discourse on a proposal to “assemble a vast, library of free literature and criticism that may be out of copyright” was prefaced with mention of Msgr. Benson.

    I like his ideas. I already agree that voting for the “lesser” of two evils is less than efficacious, but he’s got the germ of a strategy beyond that. The idea of an online monastery for the collection and promulgation of conservative (by which we emphatically do not mean Republican) works strikes a rather … Catholic … chord in me 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed sites like http://www.archive.org, http://www.newadvent.org, and http://www.gutenberg.org, and this seems of a more purposed kind. Now, where’s my copy of “A Canticle for Leibowitz” …

  • Ted Seeber

    I’m almost ready to say any vote- even for a third party- is for suckers. I’m investing in canned goods, GoFoods, and tools instead of political parties or the stock market.

    • ivan_the_mad

      It could be both-and instead of either-or.

      • Ted Seeber

        It can be to the tune of $50 for political parties which I haven’t spent for this year yet (increases my Oregon Income tax Refund by $50). But the rest is certainly either-or; I either spend my time and resources on things that will protect my family, or I waste them on politics that will NEVER protect my family.

        • ivan_the_mad

          You’ve given up on Virgil Goode? (Or am I mistaken that you voiced some support for him in the past?)

    • Hezekiah Garret

      “Don’t Vote, You Just Encourage Them!”

      If I ever find that bumper sticker, it is so mine!

    • Hezekiah Garret

      I wish we were neighbors.

  • John

    While it’s entirely possible that the two parties are just two wings of the same bird of prey, it’s not likely that the political appointees and functionaries that would be appointed by a President Romney would be as overtly hostile to religious liberty or just basic liberty as the current crop. Lesser of two evils? Yes. Unless you have proof otherwise.

    Otherwise, by preaching that we refrain from voting at all, what’s the plan? To pull out of the world, run for the hills and set up Catholic Amish communes waiting for Armageddon to sweep away the status quo? What if the system doesn’t collapse before they come for us? If we’re in the equivalent of the USSR circa 1988 then that plan might have a lot of merit. But what if we’re in the USSR circa 1968 and there’s a full 20 years of fight left in the ‘evil empire’? Fleeing into the hills and pulling out of politics could be the worst “plan” inasmuch as it means we cease being salt, light and leaven in the community.

    This is what I don’t get with the “let’s not vote so as to ‘send a message’ idea: if we don’t vote then only 1 of 2 possible candidates and parties will win. If they win, there are certain consequences.

    If the “plan” is to hasten national collapse so as to somehow pick up the pieces post-revolution…. then not voting doesn’t seem as effective as voting for Obama in a straight ticket to get as many loopy Marxists in power as possible with the counterintuitive idea that they’ll more quickly run the country into the ground.

    But isn’t that too great a risk to take? There’s no given that a national collapse will result in anything other than more tyranny not less. Or that a collapse of the federal system won’t just lead to decades of genuine civil warfare and bloody persecution.

    Impossible? Unlikely? What frustrates me is that many who blithely counsel us not to vote because “they’re all the same” have no plan other than to just wait for “something good to happen”. It’d be different if you actually had a 3rd party or 3rd party candidate to point to. You don’t.

    Neither are you serious about plans for genuine Amish “off the grid” mobilization, or the types of contingency and skill sets such Simple Catholics would need to acquire so as to ride out a new Dark Age without going the way of the Vendee, Armenians, Jews and Tutsis.

    • Ted Seeber

      The proof otherwise is that Romney’s cronies and Obama’s cronies are the same people- financial industry heavy hitters who are quite invested in the status quo. That’s the reason we got very little to no actual change on the secular side with Obama, and we will get little to no change on the secular side with Romney. Money rules this country with an iron fist.

      • Financial heavy hitters can be Catholic. I just interviewed with Christian Brothers Investment Services. They have a few billion under investment and have an interesting philosophy that is joined at the hip with the Church. When you throw people like that into the “them” category, somebody’s wedging you away from your own. That’s a political tactic and can destroy a winning coalition. Don’t let it.

        • Hezekiah Garret

          CBIS isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘heavily invested in the status quo’, but thanks for playing.

          • What do I know. I just interviewed at the place (literally a couple of hours before I posted) and was told that it had a very conservative corporate culture. Depending on how you define status quo, it might or might not fit. The rich have never been pushed out of the Church. Like everybody else they have a role to play and I resent it when people beat wedges into the body of Christ to no good purpose.

            Remember, if somebody’s wedging us, that’s bad. If we’re wedging somebody else, that’s good.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Mwahahaha! I’ll paint everyone who doesn’t buy my tired and stale “lesser of two evils” argument with the paintbrush of unrealistic absurdity!

  • Kirt Higdon

    It’s not a case of the only alternative to not voting for the so-called lesser evil is to grab your guns and head for the hills. There is much that can be done to undermine the culture of death and build the culture of life which does not involve politics at all. Participate in parish programs like RCIA, work with Catholic organizations to help the poor, do prolife counselling or support those who do, homeschool or help those who do if you don’t have young kids of your own, give to charities which aid the victims of the evil empire’s world wide aggression, aid both immigrants and emigrants, keep a low financial profile, discourage young people from enlisting in the feminist, sodomite wehrmacht, etc., etc. The list is endless and most of what you can do is still legal – so far.