Pro-Aborts Demonstrate Their Reasonableness…

…by beating up a soft-spoken old man and breaking his hip, while elsewhere committing home invasion and terrorizing little kids.

The victims’ crime: circulating a petition to recognized unborn children as persons.

The fruit of abortion culture is unrelievedly vile and disgusting. Meanwhile, as is fitting a disciple of Christ, Everett Stadig, the old man assaulted by these thugs, is merrily continuing the fight, sustained by the Holy Spirit. Joy in the midst of suffering is one of the great bennies of the kingdom of God.

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  • Qualis Rex

    This is so sickening. Pro-abortion violence happens often, yet you will rarely hear the media cover it, even when resulting in death/murder. There really is a very deep conspiracy here, and if anyone cares for proof, one simply has to google “pro-abortion violence” which will ONLY return a wikipedia link to “anti-abortion violence”. If you go to wikipedia, many attempts have been made to create a page on pro-abortion violence with supporting facts, but wikipedia will not allow this and says the page is “up for debate” (i.e. “not gonna happen”).

    • not sure about wikipedia but a google search provides a lot more results than that

  • Qualis Rex

    Sorry, I meant returning a Wikipedia results on the subject from doing a google search. Yes, luckily google itself is not in collusion

  • Marthe Lépine

    Should not anti-terrorism laws apply in such cases?

    • Confederate Papist

      Maybe in Canada it would be, but in the United States it’s a resume enhancer.

  • Confederate Papist

    I think I’m more appalled that no one helped this gentleman. I am not surprised that he was attacked by these “tolerant” child-murderers.

    • Ted Seeber

      Sadly that’s to be expected too. In a society governed by profit as the only value, the time taken to help a victim of any sort is often looked upon as such a loss that nobody will do it.