“Safe, Legal, and Rare”

That’s the slogan when pro-aborts are selling abortion to nice people who haven’t thought about it much.

But the reality is that a significant percentage of pro-aborts do not wring their hands and reluctantly embrace it: they cheer for it and proudly wave it as a banner. And as with all humans who resolutely set their face to commit grave evil, they tell themselves they are exemplars of courage.

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  • Mid D.L Rhoade

    Maybe these people were only “mildly pro murder” so that should make it okay.

  • Qualis Rex

    For the life of me I cannot fathom those who publicly celebrate abortion, even under the guise of “women’s rights”. It just makes no sense to me when I see them cheering and smiling in such demonstrations. Also, I applaud your unabashed use of the correct term “pro-abortion”. On another thread, I was pummeled for using another accurate term (no need to go into that again here), but I also use pro-abortion as it is the most accurate; you are either supporting abortion (even as an “option”) or you are not. I once used the term in front of a very LARGE and typical lefty/liberal Monsignor at his parish and he bellowed, “You NEVER use the word pro-abortion! EVER!” My response was, “It’s an accurate term used by the faithful members of the church, including the late Pope John Paul II in ‘Evangelium vitae’…and as a monsignor you’ll have to admit his authority is higher than yours in this matter.”

    So, good call.

  • Qualis Rex

    One other point: the correct mantra should actually be “safe, legal and lucrative”. The abortion industry is just that; there’s big money in it. Whether it comes from insurance, private payments or the government everyone along the way has their hand out. The only way abortions would become “rare” is if there were no money in it.

  • Confederate Papist

    Funny how the elites preach it as okay for the ghettos and rural areas, but the entertainment new is chock-a-block full of stories of so-and-so’s baby bump, or going to Africa or South America to adopt, etc., etc., etc.

    More of them, less of us….

    That’s change they can believe in…