Thanks be to God for good Nuns!

like these Franciscans!

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  • Confederate Papist

    Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR – a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns); take note. This is a *real* nun.

  • Robert

    It’s good to see something so positive on the internet. Thanks for sharing this blog!

  • Peter

    And they’re getting solid vocations on a regular basis. I can see why – they’re truly Franciscan

  • Qualis Rex

    Yup, those are nuns that represent the body of Christ. God bless them.

    As for their growing numbers in vocations, it’s as I said before; the traditional orders are actually turning-away postulents as they cannot accomodate them all. But this is a little secret that runs contrary to the approved wisdom that we can only stop the shortage of priests & nuns if we allow married/homosexual clergy etc.

    by their fruits shall they be known

  • Margaret

    To “Confederate Papist” (huh?)–the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s leadership BeLONGS to LCWR. So now what do you think? Is she no longer a “real” sister, or a “real” Franciscan? Sheesh!

    • Confederate Papist

      No, no, no,no, no! What I am saying is that the media keeps feeding the public this BS that the LCWR are *real* nuns…..whereas I’m saying these wonderful ladies in Mark’s post actually *are* nuns and are proud of being nuns, etc…

  • Qualis Princeps (age 12)


    My, my. Find a small paper bag and breath into it, repeatedly.

  • Qualis Rex

    Patrick, don’t you have some rant against minorities to froth at on your own blog?

    • Confederate Papist

      Qualis….talking to me?

      If so, I surprised to see that someone with your intelligence would lower yourself to ad hominem statements.

      • Qualis Rex

        hello! And absolutely no. I was referring to the “clone” above that followed me over from another blog (I didn’t know your name was Patrick, BTW…nice to meet you).

        • Confederate Papist

          No problema..I was thinking (very dangerous, I know) that maybe auto-correct went from Papist to Patrick…so my bad. I do, because of my nome d’plume get accused of racism, bigotry, etc., so between the “Patrick” and the “rant” thing (which did mystify me since I don’t write about that sort of thing on my blog), I was confused.

          So nice to meet you too, Qualis. I do enjoy your comments on here!

  • Peter

    Margaret, they also belong to the I.R.L. Neither group is perfect (one perhaps less so than the other). But please make a distinction between the FSCC’s and the more moderate orders and even tempered orders, and nuns on the bus.