The Beautiful Thing About Being Catholic…

…is that John Barnes and I can come together for different reasons to heap contempt on our Nanny Police State.  How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.

Meanwhile, as people continue to blather about how we *have* to vote for Romney because it’s “realistic” to vote for the most unreal piece of plasticine ever barfed up by the American political system, I continue to find all sorts of political possibilities.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Very good piece. Barnes wrote “Our wealthy oligarchs, unwilling to control government consumption, lecture and coerce the rest of us to control our own.” The other side of the coin being “Ourselves, unwilling to control our consumption, lecture and coerce the wealthy oligarchs to control their own.”

  • Indeed Mark, ’tis like precious oil poured on the head and running down into the beard!
    Ivan, you are correct. The other side of the coin is just as pertinent.

  • Ted Seeber

    I believe Victor Bruno’s Fat Man’s Prayer is my adequate comment:

  • Observer

    You could call it poly-nannyism.

  • Observer

    Or, psuedo-nannyism.

  • Qualis Rex

    While I would never vote for Obama, neither can I in good conscience vote for Romney.

    I was hopefully when Santorum made it as far as he did. But until either party begins to produce candidates who speak to my concerns or values (and one would HOPE the Republican party would at least stick to their platform) I will not be voting for “the lesser evil”. This will only encourage them to put up more sub-par candidates the next election.

  • The front line of the fight to get rid of unfair insider privileges is actually a rear guard action. You cannot get rid of insider privileges without identifying them. Quick, where’s your list of laws, rules, regulations and judicial decisions that codifies these corrupt insider privileges? If you don’t have a comprehensive one, go look for one. You will be shocked and appalled that there is no such list. It has not been compiled.

    Compiling the target list and keeping it updated is a major task. Nobody is doing it. That’s the heart of the struggle right now, to compile the list, enlist majorities of legislators to remove these privileges and restore a fair, even system. But to do all that you have to have time and to have that time you need to fight that rear guard action, which is voting for the best candidate available to throw into the maw and fight the wolves as best they can.

    Some of them are not reliable. Some of them are downright scheming opportunists, traitors to the cause of justice when convenient. The alternative is worse. The comments above seem to be taking things as an unalterable constant that the system will endure even if the greater evil is elected to office. I am not so sanguine about that and do not see any evidence for this conviction. Where is it?

    • Ted Seeber

      My target list starts with Article I Section 10 of the US Constitution, which effectively makes subsidiarity illegal in the United States under current SCOTUS interpretations.

      • TMLutas

        Why do you think that allowing interstate customs duties is somehow a blow for subsidiarity?

  • John

    Three options: vote for Obama and straight ticket Democrats on the theory that they’ll run the entire system into the ground faster… problem: consequentialism (one may not do evil so good may hopefully come of it).

    Option 2: vote for Romney and straight ticket GOP, on the theory that they’ll not run the entire system into the ground as fast as the other guys – and thus give a 3rd party/save our seed corn national redoubt party chance to coalesce before the end comes. Problem: I guess giving ourselves more time to prepare for the end is somehow a bad idea.

    Option 3: vote for no one on the national ticket and pick and choose candidates on the state and local slate that we feel are either good or less bad…. but expect either Romney or Obama to be President on Jan. 20th 2013 and that the entire system will implode due to sheer mathematics before 2017.

    Mark – I guess – is pushing Option 3. I’m pushing Option 2 because Option 3 is a fall back – either way some national party will seize power in November and either way our national goose is cooked due to the math. Question is: how much time left of “normalcy” do we have and who will be enscounced in power when the balloon goes up? And by balloon I mean some “national emergency” whereby some sort of state of Martial law is declared that grants whichever Power that be, overt Police state power, because we’re not facing a collapse of the federal government or Mad Max anarchy. We’re facing ever increased repression and control.

    So who do you want to face storming into your neighborhood at 3am? The predictably efficient Fascist/Gestapo? Or the predictably inefficient, sloppy neo-Communists? The Communists didn’t respect extra-territorial treaty protections whereas the Fascist/Nazis did…. both were evil, but in only one of the systems could the Church survive with any semblance of governance and visibility.

    So unless I’ve missed it, I’m not seeing Mark or those like him with Option 3 doing much to prep for a 3rd party or do the logistical things needed to prepare for one, and by opting for 3, they’re running the risk of us getting Option 1. The communists.

    My analysis leads me to conclude that a global economic crisis hitting the USA in 2017 with the Communists in charge will be worse for the Church and liberty than if the Fascist wing of the Oligarchs are in charge. Simple as that. And I’m an optimist.

    • TMLutas

      I think we might get a few extra years as the slowest sinking 1st world ship of state but only if we work hard and demonstrate a real ability to step up our rear guard game. My optimism consists of trying to shorten/shallow out the collapse by pointing to methods on how to increase civic oversight while expending less time doing so.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Trolling along the blog posts, I saw this picture and thought, “Hogfather for President 2012”.