The Orwellian Republic of Maplegrad

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Homicide is therapy.

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Bravo, Mr. Rowen!

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  • Zzedar

    That’s a bit unfair to the coiners of the phrase. From that article, it seems like they were trying to make it seem more shocking, not less. That is, it was part of an argument for restricting (though not eliminating) the possibility of euthanasia. It’s not great, but it does seem that they were, or at least thought they were, mobilizing language against euthanasia, not for it.

    • I disagree. If there’s any unfairness it’s in not being harder.

      By making therapeutic language for murder, you create pressure for institutionalization of the practice which in medicine means there will be a treatment code, a price list, and brief discussions from the billing department on how to maximize revenue on this procedure. It *is* orwellian.

      • Ted Seeber

        The correct ICD-10 code schema is U87.1

      • Zzedar

        But that’s exactly what they aren’t doing. They are taking a practice that is currently described in therapeutic terms and inserting the word “homicide” to make it sound less therapeutic.

        • Was it billable before? Is it billable now? All items that are billable will happen more often. The effect is more pronounced the higher the charge rate.

  • The BC court decision delayed striking down the existing law for one year to give time for Parliament to enact new legislation. Given their propensity for hiding under their desks in the face of judicial activism, euthanasia is likely going to be a fact very soon. It is Orwellian in that these massive changes in society can take place without much public debate at all.

  • MikeTheGeek

    What’s the big deal? I’ve always thought homicide was very therapeutic! Oh, wait, they mean therapeutic for the _killee_… Never mind. Just kidding… No serial killer here… Please don’t look in the trunk…

  • Rich Fader

    …and I asked myself, “Therapeutic for whom? The doer or the doee?”