The Troll Who Is Not a Goblin…

…continues to hold forth in his own inimitable fashion on such burning topics as Mel Gibson, modesty, the evils of Vatican II, hamsters, and, er, regularity in the life of the Truly True Catholic. This is perhaps the most inside baseball boutique humor blog on the planet. Hilariously funny, but only to a population about that can fit in a thimble.

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"Earn each month up to $11339 by working for Carlyle Grouponline"

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  • Julie

    What a funny guy; I loved his posts. He’s right about Mass in Iowa!

  • So it is humor… there have been some disagreements about whether it was humor or totally scary. I was on the humor side. I hope you and I are right!

  • Brent Brown (@IBrentBrown)

    Ok… That’s awesome….

  • Geoff

    I have my own thoughts on who this might be… perhaps you should throw up a “guess the troll” contest since I think you know who it is ;-).

    And its pretty much the funniest thing since the Council of Ephesus, btw. (yeah, I went that far back…)

  • GregC

    I think several people have figured out who it is, but why spoil the gag?

    • Mark Shea

      Really? That’s more than I know. Pretty funny stuff though.

  • Mark, I am extremely……..jolly…… I think my mere…….jolly-ness …….. would fill up a thimble and then some, and I think the blog is genius.