A reader has a question

She writes:

I have been thinking lately about possibly volunteering for our local rape crisis center to counsel women who have been assaulted over the phone and possibly accompany them to hospitals (for rape kits, etc, i believe).  This seems to be the big national network for this sort of thing, but I was wondering whether you or anyone else had information about other pro-life individuals who might have volunteered–I don’t want to go through the training to learn and learn at some point I’m supposed to accompany someone to an abortion procedure.  I am guessing that is probably not part of the job, but I don’t want to waste these people’s time in training me if that does happen to be the case.

I’m afraid I have no idea.  Maybe a reader does.  Personally, I don’t see why you couldn’t go through the training and, when you volunteer, simply make clear from the outset where your moral boundaries are.  I suspect that with volunteer organizations, they are not going to be super militant about this and drive away people who are otherwise willing to do them free service.

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  • Ted Seeber

    I would have the same qualms as you do. However, I think I’d answer them by going to the group open and honestly. I should think they may not have many pro-life volunteers- and pro-life women are not immune from being raped (in fact, one of my personal heroines has never been married, but is a grandmother thanks to a rapist who was never caught- which to me speaks well not only of her courage, but also her parenting skills. The fact that she was raped while working with the homeless, and still today, 35+ years later is STILL on the streets nearly daily working with the homeless, is also a testament to her courage).

  • Corita

    I also would be worried about being forced to engage in pressure tactics, or give out untrue information. I have *never seen this in any CPC I have either patronized or worked with, but there have been some CPC’s caught doing things like calling women at home to talk to their loved ones, without permission, or lying to them . I know this is also a pro-choice trope against all CPCs and it is not true of all of them, but there are certainly some prolifers who think preventing abortion is justification for anything at all.