A reader writes…

A reader writes:

I just heard your interview with Jonette on her morning radio program. In the course of your studies concerning Mary, I was wondering if you had read the revelations given to Maria Valtorta by Jesus. Jesus states that one reason he gave us this gift was to help us to understand Mary better. Fr. Roschini, one of the Church’s great mariologists remarked that the Mary he found in all the great works of the saints and he had read them all, was like a papier-mâché figure compared to the portrait of Mary he found in The Poem of the Man God or as more accurately translated from the Italian –The Gospel as Shown to Me.

Also Fr. Gabriel Allegra, now blessed, was very impressed by this work and how much it helped one deepen one’s understanding of the Gospels – “the finger of God is here” is what he said about this work. He is like a modern St. Jerome as Fr. Allegra translated the Bible into Chinese and as such his words and commendation carry a fair bit of weight in my eayes.

I have read these revelations and have found they have deepened my faith –I do hope if you are not familiar with this wonderful gift that you will take time to enjoy it.

Thank you for all the good work you are doing in the Lord’s vineyard.

Wishing you God’s blessing.

I appreciate your devotion to Mary and pray that God blesses your obvious desire to serve him.

I would caution against putting any stock in The Poem of the Man God. Go here, here, here and here for more information.

The alleged private judgment of a theologian does not trump the judgment of the Church. These books were placed on the Index of Forbidden Books for a reason. There are other, reliable, private revelations approved by the Church. Please guard yourself against false prophets.

God bless you.

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  • Veronica

    “The Poem of the Man God” is nothing but poisonous crap. I started to read these books several years ago, believing them to be approved by the Church, and I was left utterly appalled at how “Mary” was portrayed. Her blond, blue-eyed, model-worthy looks, her “holier than thou” attitude, her false humility and her air of superiority completely turned me off and was, in fact, a big stumbling block in trying to get closer to her. I am not a person who is particularly devoted to Our Lady, and these books turned me further away from her. Despite being a person who really loves to read, I think I gave up on the series around volume 3, feeling horribly guilty for thinking that “Mary” didn’t seem all that different from some annoying brats I used to know. There is even a scene in the first book when 3 year-old “Mary” rudely asks her older relatives not to embrace her because her body was sacred (or something similar), that frankly made me think that she needed a good spanking (and could have gotten one from me if I have been St. Anne!).

    It wasn’t until I visitted the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe years later when I finally shed the image I had of her of a snobbish, pious supermodel and began to see her as how she truly is: loving, humble, always close to her children. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I found out these books were banned by the Church.

    In short, for the sake of your sanity and your peace of mind, please stay away from this trash and read the Gospels instead!