An Odd Thing You Can Do to Promote the Faith

So Brett Salkeld recently entered a 2-Minute Thesis Competition at the comic strip website, Piled Higher and Deeper. I think it would be fantastic if his dissertation on transubstantiation managed to win the thing, so how’s about we go vote for it?

Here’s the link.

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  • Bill H

    Jorge Cham (the creator of Piled High and Deeper) and I lived in the same apartment complex when we were both in grad school together, which means that I’ve been reading it ever since it was a procrastination hobby for an engineering grad student. Which means that I’ve been reading it longer than any of you. Which means that I’m either way cooler or considerably less cool than any of you.

    Just thought that I’d throw that out there. Also, go Brett!

  • Elaine T

    I voted, not just because of the topic, but because of those I listened to it actually was the best.

  • Wow, that was… stunningly good, for a two-minute summary of hundreds of years of deep theological debate. Well done, Brad! Thou hast mine vote!

  • Linebyline

    I’m afraid this would be an occasion of sin for me. See, I sink way too much time into the Internet, and PhD comics chew up at least half a day every time. I can’t even get close enough to it to close the tab!

    But I might be willing to risk it for a good cause. But first, some prayer and fasting.

    (I’m only mostly kidding.)

  • Thanks for the promo Mark, and for the votes all!

    We’re currently in second place thanks in great part to your efforts! Keep the votes coming (and keep spreading the news) and we just might win this thing!