Brandon Vogt is one of the Most Generous People I Know

His latest act of kindness: Rounding up support for various Catholic speakers (including Yr. Obdt. Svt). I am surprised and cheered by the sheer number of people on the list he has compiled. Go and vote for the person you like and help out somebody who is undoubtedly living on a financial knife edge like we do at Chez Shea.

Speaking of which, if your parish or conference or Catholic group is looking for somebody to come and speak about a wide range of issues pertaining to the Catholic faith in way that is accessible, fun and informative, may I suggest you consider, well, me? I have given talks all over the English-speaking world on everything from soup to nuts and people write me back to say things like:

On a personal note, I wanted to let you know that Brandon and I were at the “Mary” talk you gave at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Bremerton. That whole night was perhaps the most ‘charismatic’ experience of our Christian lives, as the answers you gave about Our Lady were the final ‘shoe-in’ to our conversion. Thank you for that.

I can’t really guarantee the most charismatic experience of your Christian life, nor the lynchpin to your conversion (especially if you are already converted), but I do promise I will try my best to bring you some good solid catechesis that will give you a taste of the beauty and truth and joy of the Faith.

Think about it and let me know if you’d like me to come speak.

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  • Mary

    Well I for one would love to hear you speak. I am a young adult, a “revert,” and recently returned to my orthodox Catholic roots after spending several months reading through your blog archives at this site and at the National Catholic Register. It was your clear explanations of tricky theology that finally reassured lifelong misgivings (misunderstandings?) I had had about the Faith and returned me to God.
    God bless you for the important work you do!

    • Mark Shea

      Thanks! I’d be happy to come if you want me to!

  • Yes please! Our school/parish needs a gym/stage so we can do more of these events. I’d love to showcase the attractiveness of Catholic speakers being hosted at our parish, and u are at the top of my list tied with Cardinal Dolan.

  • Irenist

    Mark, I’d very much like to vote for you, but I’ve never heard you (or any of those other folks, IIRC) “speak.” I’ve only read your writing. Would it be dishonest of me to vote for you on that basis?

    • Mark Shea

      I think it’s more “Who do you think should get support?” rather than “Who, in your experience, is the best speaker?” So yeah, go ahead and vote me! 🙂 Also, talk to your parish and tell them they badly need me to come speak or things too terrible to describe will probably start happening leading to universal misery and woe, whereas if I come speak, a new paradise of joy and happiness wil shortly dawn on all mankind.

      • Irenist

        Voting for you just now was way more satisfying than voting in November is going to be….

        • Mark Shea

          I will endeavor not to torture any of my minions–more than usual.

          • You’re doing fairly well. (When I voted you were in 59th place where the top 100 qualify) Simcha, while in the top 100, was close to the cut off point, so she could use some more support.

  • Barbara

    Real quickly, I have an idea to present our pastor about having you give one of your talks about the role of laity, but based on your site, I can’t think what would be best. Do you have a suggestion? I feel our parish could use a reminder of what the role of the laity actually IS, and that our pastor can’t do it all.

    • Mark Shea

      “Care and Feeding of the Lay Catholic Apostle” is probably the talk you want. Also, “Incarnational Evangelism” may scratch where you itch.

  • Rick McDonald

    No, do not invite Mark Shea to speak at your church! He will eat all the celery sticks at the reception and then leave.

    • Mark Shea

      Mmmmmm…. celery….