Brett Salkeld writes….

 Dear Mark and readers at Catholic and Enjoying It,
Thanks in large part to your support, I have a very legitimate chance at winning the Ph.D. comics 2 Minute Thesis Competition.  My entry, the only theology entry, on transubstantiation was battling it out for first place when something odd happened.  I had been a strong second in what was essentially a two-horse race, and closing in on first, when the person ahead of me suddenly jumped up by a hundred votes (out of about 400 in total at the time, so a lot).  Two days later, that entry lost 300 votes and I was 150 votes ahead of the next contestant.  A couple days later, the person who had lost votes was now ahead of me again by about 10 votes.  I wondered what would happen next, given the ambiguity around that entry.  Sure enough the next morning, anyone with more than 100 votes simply had a “100+” next to their entry.  There is a either a glitch or some funny business.  I don’t know.  In any case, several days ago, when I lost the ability to track my progress due to this development, I was in second place by about 10 votes.  It would be great if we could make a last push and win this thing!

If you have already voted for me, thank you very much.  If you haven’t, please consider it.  If you have and would still like to help, you can use your Facebook, Twitter, or blog to promote my entry.  I’d really appreciate it.  Voting closes on Monday!  Here’s the link to my entry:

I have every intention of turning this thesis into two different books, an academic monograph and a popular Q & A style book for the general population.  When they are published (these things take time!), I will gladly send a few copies to Mark and we can arrange some sort of giveaway for readers in gratitude for your support.
God Bless,

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  • Matthew

    Okay, how do you play or listen to his presentation??? I tried clicking on everything.

    • The page is cumbersome because it has so much information. Your best bet if you’re having trouble is to make sure that it is the only tab you have open in your browser and wait for it to finish loading completely. (If it bogs out, try a different browser if you have one.) Once it is fully loaded, there is a triangular Play button just to the right from the bottom of my picture.

      Thanks for the effort on my behalf!

  • thomas tucker

    and, might i add, Well done, to you.

  • JL

    Done. Thanks Brett, and thanks for your work at VN. I do particularly enjoy reading your insights.

  • Thanks all!

    (And now I’ll put in a parenthetical phrase to avoid the “too short” error message.)