Cost of a Nosy Neighbor Drone: $300

Cost of a BB: 1 cent.

I don’t see this as a cost-effective investment for nosy jerks.  And if I see one of those things above my house, I will happily encourage some target practice in order to make jerks lose their investment in spying on me.

One of the many sinister developments of a metastasizing police state is that the citizens are encouraged to spy on each other.  I would encourage every teenage geek in the free world to figure out ways to muck up the controller signals or hack the video feed of these intrusive devices.  Somebody wants to intrude on your privacy?  Intrude on their control signal and crash these nasty little police state gadgets.


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  • James Fogarty

    I recently saw a free toll number to inform the authorities of under-age drinking parties. The ad encouraged informants and guaranteed anonymity. What’s next?

  • Andy, Bad Person

    This is what paintball guns were made for.

  • Scott W.

    I’d have to stick with the bb-gun as our town has an anti-firearm discharge law.

  • dean steinlage

    It looks like fun to play with, pity people will abuse the fun toys.

  • Kirt Higdon

    I’ve seen these for sale in the Barnes and Noble toy department. It’s advertised to be controlable by your iphone or smart phone or whatever they’re calling these phones and stated that you can get real time video from the camera. I suspect the main use of these will be by voyeurists looking for girls sunbathing in their back yards. Does anyone know the range of these devices or whether you need line of sight to control them? Shooting them down sounds like a lot of fun. What is the effective range of a BB or paint gun?

    • Jack

      hmm….. the joys of shooting down the drone piloted by the sad moran who thinks its cool to spy on your sister sumbathing:) I wish that England didn’t have such stringent laws when it comes to firearms

      • Rebekka

        A slingshot ought to be good enough?

      • Skittle

        You can get paintball guns in most toy shops in England.

  • David Davies

    I always wanted to have radio controlled video equipped model fighters so I could engage in mock dogfights with my friends. Now it looks like a such a toy would be useful….And all you would really need to do is to drop a net on the drone. The really lightweight garden style birdnetting. The drones propellers would get all tangled up in it with fatal results for the drone. Who knew that Robot Wars would be coming to your backyard!

  • Tim Jones

    If you pump up a BB gun WAY beyond the specs, you’d be surprised at their speed and range!

  • Observer

    Just jam the signal as they did in Spaceballs.

  • Ted Seeber

    Seems a bit expensive, when with a $50 quad copter toy and a hacked X10 Xcam, you can duplicate the same effect for under $150.

  • Mike Walsh

    This is the beginning of an arms race. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.