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Obama Catholic Support Cut In Half – Only 27% of Catholics Support Abortion President Today

Also, another abortion clinic hears that old refrain:

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Not Romans 13. John 8:44

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  • Regarding the abortion clinic closing, a dichotomy occurred to me. Doesn’t Planned Parenthood constantly beat the drum that abortion clinics are not *really* about abortion… that it is just a very small percentage of the services it provides?

    Then why is it whenever one of these “family planning” clinics loses the ability to perform abortions, they instantly close? Shouldn’t they be able/want to stay open to provide the other services that are, in theory, the majority of what they do?

    I only see two explanations for why that would be the case:
    1. They’re lying and it is ALL about abortion
    2. While there may be some truth to their position, the abortions are the financial engine that makes the clinics work. (But of course they’re just as unwilling to admit that the reason they do abortions is for profit.)

    • Ted Seeber

      The converse of that is, why aren’t there more pro-life family support clinics? PRC does a pretty good job here in Oregon where there are two of them to every PP clinic; but I know they’re always struggling for funding.

      One of the insults that stings me the hardest from pro-choicers is the pro-birther moniker; the type of pro-lifer that just does not care about the struggles some women go through that makes abortion tempting in the first place. The biggest need I see is in making sure *EVERY* woman knows that there are charitable resources available in such cases. Resources that don’t require her to kill the 5th child to be able to feed the other 4.

    • dpt

      Ken- you nailed it. Abortion is their business. Everything else appears to be marketing and hype to screen this.

  • Ted Seeber

    That song is proof I spent one too many years as a comedy DJ in college. I can only hear Weird Al’s version now: Bus, Bus, Bus, another one rides the bus.

  • Arnold

    The poll numbers reported by the American Life League are very encouraging but how reliable are they? the drop seems a bit too dramatic to be true. Also, the polling form that carried it out is totally unknown to me and makes me wonder. Does anyone know anything about its reputation? Those numbers could help to explain the fact that the polls in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin now show a virtual tie or slight edge for Romney.