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Join Us for Exciting Events this Fall

Greetings from the DSPT!

We hope you had a restful summer with your family and loved ones. We are thrilled to be starting a new academic year. Next week we welcome our new students, and classes start immediately after Labor Day on September 4.

In case you missed it this spring, we’re pleased to present our video of the Aquinas Lecture presented in March by Dr. Michael Tkacz. Another exciting piece of news we would like to share with you is that our faculty member Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP, recently published an enlightening work of scholarship:  St. Francis of Assisi: A New Biography. We look forward to providing you with more DSPT news and updates in our upcoming newsletter.

Until then, we wanted to give you the opportunity to mark your calendars for the following events, which will take place on our campus: 2012 Fall Film Series with DSPT Fellow Ron Austin and a special presentation by Father Robert Spitzer, SJ,  with responses by DSPT professors Fr. Michael Dodds, OP, and Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP.

We invite you to join us for our 2012 Film Series featuring Kieslowski’s The Decalogue, hosted by DSPT Fellow Ron Austin, Hollywood producer, screenwriter, and director.

The series kicks off with screenings of the first four 1-hour films on:

Friday, September 7, 7.30 pm: I and II “I am the Lord your God; you shall have no other gods before me” and “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain”

Saturday, September 8, 7.30 pm: III and IV “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” and “Honor your father and your mother”

The Decalogue, Kieslowski’s dramatic cinematic masterpiece, was produced in 1989 for Polish television, and consists of ten 1- hour films, each loosely based on one of the Ten Commandments. Join us to watch one, several, or all of these artistic, probing, and daring investigations into the human condition. Conversation to follow each screening.

For an intriguing exploration of Kieslowski’s The Decalogue, read this article by Professor Lloyd Baugh, SJ,  Professor at Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome.

All screenings start at 7:30 pm. Be sure to RSVP for each screening by following the links on our website or calling (888) 450-3778. Space is limited.

Check thou it out!

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  • Blog Goliard

    Kieslowski was such a genius. (The Three Colors trilogy also rocked my world.) He left us too soon.